Valley of the Sun


Last week I went to spend a few days in Mesa with my mom.  The desert landscape and the history of the people who inhabited and survived there is so intriguing to me.  The heat was a nice escape from rainy and wet Seattle, and it was almost 40 degrees warmer down there then the Pacific Northwest! It’s a drastic change but to feel that sun hit your skin and soak in is a beautiful thing.

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Surf’s up in Kona


Hawaii. My winter escape to sunshine and marine life. For me, it doesn’t matter that every year I go to the same place with my family. We stay in the same condo complex and see the same friends and this is perfectly fine with me. I am baking in the sunshine while the dolphins spin by and the whales spout along the coast. This is the epitome of a mental reset for me.

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London Part 1

Deep down there is a part of me that is an idealist. I get a romantic notion in my head about the way something should be & make me feel. I had this idea about autumn in the United Kingdom. I’m not sure why specifically autumn, and I’m not sure why specifically the UK. For years I have felt a pull from Britain. The idealist in me likes to think I had a past life there…but it’s probably because half of my heritage is from Britain.

Anyway, after a direct flight from Seattle to Heathrow, we touched down in London, exhausted, and made our way through Heathrow and took a cab into the city. We stayed in a lovely little flat called Villa Fitzrovial, about a 5-10 minutes walk north of Oxford Street, but being jetlagged and finally getting settled at 5PM UK time, we crashed…woke up at 1 AM, crashed again, and then managed to role out of bed still feeling funny, but ready to take on the day.


The view out the back of our flat. All of the brick is so charming.

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Vacation all I ever wanted: Cabo San Lucas

I love my job. I’m blessed to be doing something I love, but about every June/July, I find myself burning out. Overloaded, uninspired and in need of a break where I am completely cut off from email & any thought of work. It’s just how it goes.

A few back to back 60 hour work weeks in June this year after no real break in 6 months made me thankful that at the last minute we booked a trip to Mexico with another couple.

This was my first trip to Mexico & it was lovely. Cabo is vibrant and full of culture. The people are kind & personable. And the food is fucking delicious. I may have permanently ruined enchiladas for myself.

cabo san lucas lands end


A wildlife conservation booth by the marina let’s you hold a tiger cub that is eventually sent to a wildlife reserve. You donate to reserve to hold the cub. I would never do this if it was purely for someone else’s profit. I love animals & this little guy was too cute. They rescue these animals from black market sales & we were happy to support this cause.

senor frogs cabo

Senor Frogs was awesome.



cabo san lucas arch

cabo pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is home to the only living reef in North America. We went out snorkeling and saw huge schools of fish, sting rays, manta rays and a school of Mahi Mahi. It very remote and a very small little town.

cabo san lucas

Our final day in Cabo, the day we were supposed to leave, we were hit by an unexpected tropical storm. I have never been in a storm so ferocious & was worried we wouldn’t make it to the airport or that our flight would be delayed. It blew through so quickly though & we were able to leave. Though final time in the sun and in the pool was now not possible before checkout (boo!).

We will be back to Cabo, though as a Pacific Northwest native, I will never again go to Cabo in July. 97 degree heat is one thing but added humidity of 40-50% every single day was just crippling for someone not acclimated. The constant need to be immersed in a body of water is tiring.

But it was a good trip. I came home inspired in many ways, one of which has put me back on track to pick up learning a language again.

I’m happy to be home with my furry baby girls again though. Now to countdown to the next trip.

Have a relaxing weekened,