Summer Meltdown

Where is this year going? I feel like I’ve been saying the same thing for the past 3 years. I can’t believe it’s August already. I love August though. I can always sense a change in the air, summer is still present but I can feel autumn creeping in, and I adore it.

We  celebrated the meltdown of summer by heading to Darrington, WA last weekend, camping, and rocking out to music at Summer Meltdown Festival.  Nothing beats a small festival. I’m officially hooked again. A good group of our friends were there, there were good vibes all around, good music & river floating.

And of course, I saw Slow Magic again, and was right smack in the middle of his drum circle when he got off the stage. I touched him, I was that close. So my happy self danced back to the tent and collapsed. It was a wonderfully adventurous weekend & we made new friends who live in the Seattle area.

I can’t wait for next year!


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Have a fabulous weekend,



Cream on Chrome // PNW Summers

Summer is here & I am haaaaappy. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong state & that I really belong on a beach in Hawaii. But I love the mountains, the forest & the fog of the pacific northwest and when it’s 75 degrees and sunny, Seattle is the definition of perfection.

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But as I’m anxiously awaiting the summer days, one thing becomes blazingly clear. My closet is mostly full of items that would make more sense if I lived in Southern California. So when we hit that first day of beautiful weather, you can bet that I’m in a brightly colored skirt, sleeveless top and sandals, sitting in the park in Bellevue on my lunch break, tweeting to my manager that I might not come back to work.


I wouldn’t trade my summertime in the pacific northwest for anywhere else. You can find me in Hawaii in January, Phoenix in November & December. I’ll be everywhere else but here during the winter. But there is very little reason to leave this beautiful place from May-September.


Outfit deets:

Crop Top: Topshop / Skirt: Unknown/Macy’s / Sandals: Bucco (Hautelook) / Necklace: Unknown/Ebay

Have a great weekend lovelies. It’s going to be in the 80s this weekend, it’s hair day tomorrow (new color!), breakfast with my dad on Sunday…it’s going to be a great weekend.



Summer Skin Pt 2

September was a blur with a wedding in California, followed by a trip to Las Vegas, followed by a move, and then a trip to Portland. So without further ado..

Summer Part II!

I celebrated my 25 times around the sun with Paradiso Festival, and Tiësto played at midnight so it was all a dream come true to see him live and serenade me into my birthday. And the Gorge was beautiful as always.

IMG_3484 IMG_3485 IMG_3453 IMG_3474 IMG_3481

Made a brief trip to the other side of the state & enjoyed the sunshine in Spokane, with a stop in Wenatchee to see the latest puppy addition.

IMG_3503 IMG_3514 IMG_3513



And I’m loving my magenta orange turned pink ombre hair. Stay tuned, posts for Vegas and my 24 hour createAthon design blitz for nonprofits in Portland coming up soon! Now that I have time to write.

Summer Skin – Pt 1

It’s been about 4 months since I posted last. Where did spring & summer go already? It’s August and I feel like I’m standing still, gaping, saying: “But, but, but…I haven’t even hiked or gone camping yet!” This year in general is a giant blur &  I have a lot to catch up on


May started off with a trip to the Hood Canal on what turned out to be the first hottest weekend of the year…upper 80s…in May…in Washington. Unheard of. It was a beautiful & relaxing weekend with my favorite people in the world.






We did take a hike & a long drive exploring some backroads in the Nation Forest, north of North Bend.


May was over in a flash & the craziness of June ensued. Work was crazy per usual & I took on some freelance design work. I boldly went where I had not gone before & had half of my hair chopped off. I’m loving asymmetrical cuts (and my love of Black MIlk is still going strong).


Went to Portland in the middle of June for work again & actually made it downtown in the evening but I’d been up since 3:30, so we walked around a bit and went to the Deschutes brewery, which was delicious.
IMG_3321Stopped at Powell’s for another Game of Thrones book & got cozy at the hotel.


Made a trip over to eastern Washington to see the boyfriend’s family  & their new addition to the family. Little Buster the mini wiener dog. Cherry harvest was getting ready to start.

IMG_3376 IMG_3381 IMG_3409 IMG_3402

And of course, I made an early birthday purchase from Black Milk ❤ Others followed but I was stoked about this package.


Lots of traveling in the beginning of the summer. Actually, there was lots more and there will be more travel at the end of August.

Another of my favorite things about summertime in Bellevue…supercars! Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Ferraris. and R8s. I’m a Top Gear fiend so I love to see these cars around.



Coming up: Paradiso Festival, Spokane, Magenta hair & a trip to Bellingham 🙂

I hope everyone else has had a great summer so far!

The End of Summer

Today marks the beginning of fall. I woke up to terribly grey skies, the likes of which I haven’t seen for a good 2 1/2 months. The past week was warm and sunny and now a sudden drop in temperature tells me it’s time to stock up on some new sweaters and start ordering Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

But before I move fully into autumn mode, I have a warm and sunny note to end summer on.

My brother came to visit before he left for a year abroad, getting his masters at the University of Edinburgh. I don’t think I could be any more proud of my little brother & it was a blast to have him here.

The second weekend of September we toured some wineries in Chelan with family.

My outfit for the day: Dress-H&M, Shoes-Pour La Victoire, Sunglasses-Michael Kors, Wrap Belt-Unknown

There was an epic lightning storm later that evening. Which unfortunately caused the huge wildfire that is still raging now 😦

And I would like to share our newest member to the pack. Vogue is our little pom puppy, a nice companion for Luna. She keeps her busy & also enjoys being cozy…and loves Black Milk Leggings.

So with that, I bid summer adieu, and autumn Salut. Already have trips to Portland/LA/Chicago planned, and Decibel Festival is next week. Let the good times roll.

For the Love of Shoes: United Nude

I’ve been sitting on this brand a while & am finally posting! What a beautiful collection I have stumbled upon.

I love the clean and modern design of this brand, United Nude. Even the most intricate, detailed piece is sharp. Structurally the shoes are a work of art and are beautiful to look at, and as they should be. They are the product of collaboration between an architect and shoemaker–such clean, innovative design should be expected from such a pair, and they deliver it well.

Check out the United Nude spring/summer collection.
I think I’ll be snatching up a pair or few before summer officially hits.

bass head – sasquatch festival 2011

Memorial weekend was my first official music festival. Four days of camping and raving out at the Gorge Amphitheater in the middle of Washington, along the Columbia River. I have only been to the Gorge once before, 5 years ago when I went to Pearl Jam with some coworkers from Camp Reed for our weekend off. I had forgotten what a truly breathtaking view there is from the hill around the main stage. It is a beautiful venue, but also extremely hot in the summer, it is in the middle of a desert/farmland. I got sunburned and was wearing my sunglasses too long over the weekend.

I look like the coon.

Over the course of the weekend, I saw these artists play:

DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid

The Head & the Heart
Local Natives
Pink Martini
Washed Out
The Glitch Mob
Sleigh Bells
Fitz & the Tantrums
Tokyo Police Club
Beach House
Cold War Kids
Flogging Molly
Gold Panda
The Flaming Lips
Flying Lotus
Young the Giant
Old 97’s

(Bolded artists were the performances I really loved, but ALL the performances were amazing)

And then the Trailer Park Boys made an appearance and it was hilarious. I’ve never watched their show before, but it’s on Netflix so I have something new to watch.

The Glitch Mob

We were about 3 people away from the fence for Glitch Mob. We waited in the Banana Shack (the dance tent) for 2 hours so we had a good spot for them. They were awesome, and we were raving it up with everyone around us, then everyone started shoving and it got crazy. We were in the middle front and all the crowd surfers were headed our way. I got kicked in the head and there’s definitely a bruise on my head, and my poor boyfriend had someone land on him from behind, because we didn’t seem them surfing behind us. We got out of the craziness and went to chill until Bassnectar for the rest of the evening.

Bassnectar came on as the final act for the evening, and when he dropped his first song, the crowd, literally thousands of people, started throwing glow sticks into the air.

Ryan got video of it, and I’m so glad he did. I’ve never seen so many glow sticks in the air, and they just kept going through the whole thing, it was such a sight. Here is the video:

It was so sad though, they didn’t have his stage set up properly, when he got into the really heavy, intricate bass sounds in his songs, it died! The system couldn’t handle his bass! It was sad, I’ve seen him before and he puts on a fantastic performance, but someone screwed up and it kept cutting out. Heartbreaking.

The Flaming Lips


Gold Panda

I highly recommend checking out DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid, they are based out of Portland and threw down hard at Sasquatch, they played everyday, making the crowd dance I did not get tired of them. On their Facebook page they say, “They are most known for incinerating dance floors with the South Asian sounds of Bhangra and Bollywood, but the duo scours the globe for any hard-hitting music that combines local musical traditions with window-rattling production.” I just found out they stream live from KBOO in Oregon on Tuesday nights starting at 10. I’m actually listening right now 🙂

I am in love with the beauty of the Gorge. I enjoyed lying in the sunshine, listening to the music during the day while we waited for more electronic artists to come on, so we could go dance our butts off. It was so nice.

Sunday Evening Sunset

I had such a good time with Ryan, and I am so glad we got to go. Sasquatch sold out in 4 days or something ridiculous like that. We originally didn’t have tickets and were planning on spending the weekend camping. My boss’s wife won tickets though and didn’t want them, and they were originally going to raffle them off in the office because they wanted to be fair about it and they didn’t want to sell them. No one else wanted part and I got the tickets. I am so happy, we had a really fun weekend and what a way to kick off the summer. I am so excited for my birthday next month. I have tickets to another festival that I bought, and I will be seeing a few of the same acts again. I cannot wait!

Throughout the weekend I saw a ton of adorable outfits worn by girls, such a hippie, free vibe but they were adorable and not tacky. I wish I had more pictures of everything I saw. One item I did see that I WANT before the next festival is a Spirit Hoods’ Furry Animal Hat.

I want a wolf one or a panda one reeeaaally bad. I’d never take it off 😛 They look so cozy. I am determined to obtain one.

It is back to the grind though, back to the grey and wet west coast. It was nice to be in sunshine for 3 full days, it was only 75 and I was frying, how did I ever survive summers in Spokane? It gets to be 100 degrees there and I can hardly handle 75 now! Being in rainy, grey overcast weather all the time really changes your sunshine tolerance. But I got burned, so I will have a tan in a matter of days…FINALLY. The Eastern European in me does not like to be pasty white. I need some color.

I wish everyday could be a music festival….I said that to someone at work and he said, “It can!” It’s all in the attitude I suppose.

More updates soon. Just waiting for my Black Milk Leggings to arrive. WHY does Australia have to be so far awaaay???