Fox(y Lady)

Over the weekend I was shopping at Nordstrom for some of my essentials & while picking out a new iPad case, my boyfriend pulled a Kate Spade iPhone case down, with a fox on it, and I had to have it. I love foxes.

Kate Spade apparently has a whole foxy fall collection that is full of cute & stylish foxy things. That, if I’m quite honest, I would have bought the whole collection had it been sitting there in front of me. Here are some of the cute foxy things from Nordstrom.


1. Foxy Necklace / 2. Foxy Wrap Ring / 3. Foxy Patterned Socks / 4. Foxy Coin Purse / 5. Foxy Patterned Wallet / 6. Foxy Clutch / 7. Foxy Watch 8. Foxy Face Socks

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I’m prepping for a trip that will be here oh so quickly. Lots to share then.



light & magic

photo (74)

The last two weeks have been sunny & warm and now we are back to the rain. I spent one weekend out and about in downtown Seattle. Brunch two days in a row with friends, followed by a visit to Vain salon to get the blood red color in my hair redone.

photo (76)

photo (75)

Went and tried a new restaurant in Belltown called Local 360. The food was absolutely amazing. I had biscuits and gravy but next time I want to try their chicken & waffles. Everything on the menu looked so good. They also source the majority of their food within 360 miles of Seattle, hence the name Local 360. We showed up a little bit before 10AM, and I’m glad we did because there was a line out the door by the time we left.

Tip: Brunch in Seattle on a Sunday, get there early early early.

photo (3)

More goodies from Dior.

photo (79)

photo (78)

photo (77)

photo (4)

It was a very pink week last week. I was feeling the sunshine & now it is gray and raining. I’m spending my Sunday cozy with a cup of hot chocolate & a Real Housewives of Vancouver marathon.

Have a fabulous end to the weekend everyone.


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playing catch up

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. It’s August already, and I’m wondering where July went. I have been across the state and back, and then back halfway across, and back again. I have been shopping and cooking and going out, balancing my well being, and working over 40 hours almost every week since the first week of June. I went on a strenuous hike in the Cascades last weekend and felt like dying because of how out of shape I am – there is such a painful difference between being fit & healthy and being naturally slim.

I’ve put off writing a blog post because when you spend 40 hours a week on a computer, you really don’t want to spend anymore. I’ve been so busy running around trying to stay off the computer that the time usually spent writing is being spent out with friends and my dog and my boyfriend.

I have so much to catch up on, it will have to be in pieces. We’ll start with fashion, my passion.

Black Milk leggings for my birthday. Hex codes, because I’m a design nerd and have been after those babies since the one-off was posted, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Verameat Deer Head Ring

Verameat Spine Bracelet

H&M Jewelry. I love fat, huge stone rings.

Wedges from Aldo. I love a sale. I’ve also been wearing wedges & heels more this past month.

And my baby from the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. I want it to be fall so I can wear it. I just…don’t ever want summer to end though.

lina zeineddine eva pump

I went to a private preview of the new Lina Zeineddine arrivals and fell in love with multiple pairs of shoes, especially these woven heel pumps. So comfy and super chic.

Yet another item to add to the wish list…

Adventures in Omaha – It’s Better Than You Think

I’m sure there are parts of the midwest that just aren’t enjoyable. Omaha is not one of those places. Perhaps it is the lack of sunshine in my life, the West Coast is incredibly gloomy, and Omaha is incredibly sunny and warm and I was looking forward to that, and for my family, including my grandma, who we call bรกka (grandma in serbo-croatian), to all be in one place. My brother graduated from his first four years of college (he will be continuing on in the medical field), and it was overall a fantastic weekend.

Omaha is actually full of some incredibly unique boutiques, and I found some amazing pieces of art, jewelry and clothing. The Old Market area is my favorite part of the city. Old brick streets, shops and restaurants with the “old midwest” kind of feel to them.

I went into a local art shop, Curbside Clothing, that has been around for only a year and completely fell in love with all this artist’s work. His name is Gerard Pefung. I love the elephants.

Fashion snags from Omaha:

I bought 2 rings from a local artist, I love how unique the wire handwrapped rings are. This was the item I was so thrilled about finding. It was out of the ordinary and I was beyond excited.

Apart from the shopping, we wandered around the Old Market, ate at many of the restaurants like Upstream Brewery and Spaghetti Works, and went out for drinks in the evening. It’s a pretty fun city. I will say, Nebraska is a little too flat for me. I need my ocean, I need my mountains. I need a sense of mystery and wonder about what lies over the hill in the misty woods.

But it was nice to come home with a sunburn. Something you can’t acquire easily in Seattle.

how fast the summer flies

My life has been increasingly busy, and this last week has been no exception.  I’ve been at work from 8:30-5 each day then get home and work until 9 or 10 on Design. Three, count it, THREE freelance gigs fell into my lap, and I received my first check in the mail today for my first completed gig.  Let me tell you, for an average of $25/hour for a first gig…I’m more than thrilled. Not just about the money, but because I was sitting in front of a computer, working, actually working and getting paid….it’s a beautiful feeling. My second project is up. Check out LaceFace Glass That will be my first website for a client. LaceFace is an amazing glass artist, and you should all check out her work. Either on that site or on

We went down to Everett to see a friend and went to Seattle to go out in the bars.  Men are much more forward and aggressive in the city.  My friend and I were trying to get a drink and there were guys trying to buy us drinks, get our names…I’ve never had that experience in Bellingham, men are much more chill and relaxed up here. It is a smaller city, so you really can’t compare it to Seattle. But we had a good time, I really like going out in the city at night.

We went out to Downtown Johnny’s and Rumors the other night, when one of Ryan’s friends came to visit. I love Rumors, its the gay bar, and they play the best dance music. I am all about dancing.

This Thursday is Daft Punk vs Chromeo at the Wild Buffalo. I am so there! I love the “versus” parties. They’re always a blast.

Some Boundary Bay Amber…I love Boundary Bay, awesome food and awesome beer.

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, awesome drinks and food

Saturday night we went to the final party at the Alamo, which has pretty much been the party house. Jake C, one of the roommates was out in the garage on the torch making a piece for one of the other roommates. There are really no words to describe his work, you have to check it out for yourself, Jake C’s work. Again, another unbelievable artist. I feel so lucky, and Saturday was the first time I’ve seen him make something in person. Really cool stuff.

Sunday was an even better day (my day off!) and a group of 5 of us went out to the Nooksack River and did a 3 1/2 hour float on 3 tubes and an air mattress. Amazing. I had so much fun, it’s like a water park for adults. lol. It was super relaxing, except for a few spots…I got lodged on a rock going around a curve and scratched myself/bruised myself. And there were SO many people…oh my goodness I’ve never seen so many people. But then again, weather in the high 80s, low 90s is unusual for us in Bellingham, so it was no surprise. It has been so hot, everyone is at the lake, the ocean, or the river.

That was a blast though. I went down to Everett with the other girl who came with and we went and had Mexican food at this really good restaurant, but I can’t remember the name of it! The day wore me out and we devoured our food, got some ice cream, and went back and watched Sex and the City, the movie, because I’d never seen it before. And I loved it. I need to watch the series now, and the second movie. I’m going to have Carrie’s closet….someday ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve tried to place myself on a shopping ban until the end of September…but I might have to splurge on some new Burberry makeup and a pair of boots….

I want something pirate-y….well at least one pair of pirate-like boots. I want a lot of pairs of shoes in general…but boots…I could have a closet full of boots and never have enough.

Some more pictures from the past few weeks…it was incredibly hazy and muggy for about a week straight due to wildfires in B.C. so it made for incredible sunsets.

Luna puppy’s eyes…they’re so golden…I love them.

Well, lots to do…kind of…still sending out my resume and portfolio to anything I can find. I’m dying for an in house design job somewhere. I just know that it would be a good environment and fit for me, because I design is so much about collaboration and feedback. Yes I may design something on my own, but I need that input from different view points to get an awesome end product that I’m happy with.

I am searching high & low. I’m thinking since I’m out of a job in November (yay seasonal positions from February to November…), I might try to find an internship if I haven’t landed anything else. Just a waiting game right now…and I’m in the process of redoing my website…making it cleaner…I like where it is finally going…

Well. It has been almost a month since I have updated. The end of May and beginning of June brought a massive rush of things to do before graduation.

One of the things we did as a class, since it was the same 18 of us all year, is go down to Seattle and do studio tours. We went to Pop, Zaaz, Digital Kitchen and Valve. I enjoyed all the tours, and it made me really excited to find a job. I like the feel of the bigger design firms where the designers just do the design, developers develop, etc…I just want to design. I know basic Actionscript 3, enough that if I need to find a tutorial to make something work in Flash, I can do it. I know enough CSS and HTML to build a website no problem. But I want to focus on design and not having to make a site functional.

So the studio tours were really fun and informative. My portfolio website is up and running, but I am in the process of revising the design and making it more solid. I just feel like there are some elements that need to be cleaned up, as well as some of the projects I’ve worked on. I need to make a few tweaks.

Portfolio Website

I have lots of new clothing to share. My graduation present was a shopping spree…so my mom and I went to H & M and went crazy. Also went to Nordstrom and picked up some Michael Kors heels. ♥

I don’t have pictures of everything, I’m just too lazy right now to try and get a good shot of everything.

Micheal Kors Shoes

DVF Sandals

Got this vest and a matching pair of pants, super cute.

Ruffled top, I usually do not like ruffles but this was a super cute find.

Another cute top, it ties around back.

Locust Beach. You can walk out for hundreds of feet into the ocean and only be inches deep while the tide is low.

Here are some more pictures from the past month.

Camping memorial weekend.

Sea Otters at the Aquarium

Senior Design Show

River Otter

Went to the Crab Pot, twice this week. So good.

Bayou on the Bay is my new favorite restaurant. Their hot wings are so good. Mmm cajun!

But I’ve graduated and am done with school. I was so terrified at the beginning of the year but by the time June came around, I just wanted to be done. Now I’m full time at the job I’ve had for over a year, and just polishing off my design work hoping to find a firm or get some Freelance work.

It has been a crazy month. I moved out of my apartment and now I’m living with Ryan and all his roommates until we find a new place. We are going to go look at a house tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. And my birthday is in a week. This past year has flown by.

Free Goodies from Sephora for my birthday!

My Baby

spring break shopping. the unexpected places.

So, spring break went fast. I went to Seattle for again leaving for Omaha to meet up with one of my favorite girls. It was probably 70 degrees, sunny and so nice. We sat on the roof and had some beers before taking off to hit up downtown because I wanted to shop.

I tried these on at Nordstrom and had to have them. I can’t wait to wear them out.

………..Who knew Omaha would have good shopping? Not I ! I was not planning on finding any clothes while visiting my brother but I was quickly mistaken. I was a little cranky because I was so tired, I took a red eye out of seatac, landed in Minneapolis after 3 hours, so 5:20 AM their time, then had an hour and half layover and arrived in Omaha at 8:30 AM. Took a 3 hour nap and then we were out the door. This was all after having been in Seattle the night before, helping someone move, then we went out for food and drinks and went to Gameworks. Where I sprained my wrist playing a star wars and mortal kombat game. ha. silly me. But anyway, I was exhausted and then mom brightened my day and took me into a boutique called nouvelle eve. I would have worn everything in that store. It is also further encouragement to buy quality rather than quantity when it comes to clothing.

It is better to have some more defining pieces than a bunch of the same thing. For me anyway, I know some people don’t have the same taste in fashion and would be happy to get 10 shirts in different styles and there is nothing wrong with that, if it makes you happy then go for it!

I will definitely be looking for single pieces now though. I’ve been wanting to but I always get sucked into the sales and I always end up with a bunch of mediocre items that I’ll not want to wear in a week. So shopping in Omaha was successful, we went out to Von Maur as well, where I ended up with a few more pieces that my mom bought. I was like, I’m good on clothes, then we walked in there, it was the equivalent of Nordstrom. Piano playing, all the men sitting down around it (ha) and then amazingly awesome clothes. I was shocked to see Burberry there. Again, my ignorance….my bad.

I came back with a bag stuffed full of new clothes. We also picked up some cute tanks in the sports authority. We were looking for my brother but then I hit the clearance rack and found some good plain colored tanks which I will buy in quantity, I wear those under everything. Also scored some cute nike booty shorts in lime green and purple. I love them. My poor brother–we come to Omaha to visit him and he can’t find anything he wants and I come walking up with my arms full. hehe.

In the summer, I do hope I can go to California with my parents. My mom is saving some money to take me shopping for a graduation present—I can only imagine what I’ll find in L.A. I hope I can make it.

So Sunday we left, that was a hell of a weekend trip for me…haha, but I enjoy flying now, as someone once told me, it means you’re headed on an adventure. That’s why I wanted to go, a new experience. I will definitely say I am NOT a midwest type of girl. I like to be near the coast, where there are mountains and forests–maybe its because I grew up around it all, but the midwest is so flat. Here in the northwest I’m surrounded by mountains and what’s beyond every one is a new adventure. And its just so much more scenic. I will say Nebraska or Iowa which ever one we were in when we went to the booze store–has a LOAD of different alcohol. Monty Python and Gonzo beer? Hell to the yes. And gallons of Kahlua…well gallons of all the booze…it was crazy. Now if only we had that selection with Hawaii pricing…mmhmm.

Some pictures of Seattle and the rest of my break. I love Seattle, and now that one of my best friends moved back home I have an excuse to go down there and visit her and hang out in the city ๐Ÿ™‚
I will have to do another post with pictures. I need to get ready for class. I start my FINAL quarter of classes today. I only have one idea for a project this quarter. I need three.

But the exciting thing is I’ve got a new setup and I made my order for my adobe programs so now I can work on stuff at home. I am EXCITED!