Cream on Chrome // PNW Summers

Summer is here & I am haaaaappy. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong state & that I really belong on a beach in Hawaii. But I love the mountains, the forest & the fog of the pacific northwest and when it’s 75 degrees and sunny, Seattle is the definition of perfection.

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But as I’m anxiously awaiting the summer days, one thing becomes blazingly clear. My closet is mostly full of items that would make more sense if I lived in Southern California. So when we hit that first day of beautiful weather, you can bet that I’m in a brightly colored skirt, sleeveless top and sandals, sitting in the park in Bellevue on my lunch break, tweeting to my manager that I might not come back to work.


I wouldn’t trade my summertime in the pacific northwest for anywhere else. You can find me in Hawaii in January, Phoenix in November & December. I’ll be everywhere else but here during the winter. But there is very little reason to leave this beautiful place from May-September.


Outfit deets:

Crop Top: Topshop / Skirt: Unknown/Macy’s / Sandals: Bucco (Hautelook) / Necklace: Unknown/Ebay

Have a great weekend lovelies. It’s going to be in the 80s this weekend, it’s hair day tomorrow (new color!), breakfast with my dad on Sunday…it’s going to be a great weekend.



Rene Ropas: Come Alive Tour

Morgan Carson, owner of Rene Ropas, wowed me again last month at the opening of her Come Alive Tour, an event full of fashion, poetry, dance and music.

Her events leave me brimming with an urge to create. Her style and ability to whip up an outfit on a sewing machine leaves me contemplating what I need to do to get back in touch with the artist inside.

The avant garde creations from Rene Ropas are nothing short of stunning. Not made out of normal material, but everyday objects like Neuro drink bottles and Pop Chip bags.

Not your everyday material, but where’s the fun in normal anyway?

Her ready-to-wear even stands out. It’s more fun and unique than anything you could find in a boutique.

International recording artist DeLon headlined the event and performed, integrating a fashion show with live music.

As usual the event was a hit & I continue to look forward to where the Rene Ropas line will head in the future, as well as continue to be inspired by the ever amazing Morgan Carson.

New Lina Zeineddine ‘Scarlett’ Pumps – What would you pair with them?

I finally received my first pair of Lina Zeineddines, and I adore them! I love heels but usually find them unbearable to stand in. Not with these. They are padded on the inside and unbelievably comfortable to stand in.

This pair is called Scarlett. I want to know what you would pair with them? Who is Scarlett?

I’m looking forward to the upcoming line, which I was able to peak at when I picked these up. There are some classic and stylish designs to look forward to & I’m sure I’ll be picking up another pair soon. Lina’s shoes don’t compromise style for comfort but combine both qualities successfully. I’m in love and can’t wait to add to my collection!

Bellevue Fashion Blogger Turns Blog into an Online Boutique

Well known Eastside blogger Rachel Kim (@vuesociety) has turned her blog into a retail store, carrying carefully picked items for women and will eventually expand into a men’s market.

The store carries dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms and accessories priced from $25 to $300, so fashionistas all over will be sure to find something to fit their budget. The pieces come from many internationally imported designers, and most important, they are unique in style, something you can’t find at your run of the mill department store. Founder, Rachel Kim says, “VueSociety is the local place to go to (online and offline) for all your fashionable pieces that are ‘hard to find.”

This is more than just an online retail venture however, VueSociety has teamed up with local non-profit Washington Women In Need (WWIN), and in an effort to support women of Puget Sound, will be donating a proceed of all sales to the non-profit. So shoppers will be shopping for a cause when looking to add a new key piece to their wardrobe.

VueSociety will be participating in a few upcoming events around the Seattle area. First on the 23rd of October at the Thread Show, and on the 5th of November at the Holiday Bazaar at the Bellevue Club.

To shop the boutique visit VueSociety

Follow Rachel Kim on Twitter @vuesociety

Connect on Facebook

For the Love of Shoes: Lina Zeineddine Fall 2011 Preview

I’ve been working with designer Lina Zeineddine for over a year as her graphics and sometimes marketing partner. This autumn she is launching her first shoe collection and displayed a preview of her upcoming shoe collection at the Rene Ropas Dollhouse Prom.

All Photos Courtesy of Mike Adams

In the coming weeks we will be launching a new website for Lina and the collection. So stay tuned for more updates.

In the meantime, please show your support:

Facebook Page

Rene Ropas Dollhouse Prom Review

I believe I have said this before, but it is something I have to repeat. A year ago exactly, and no joke I mean exactly, on the 29th of September I received my first email from Morgan Carson as her graphic design intern. I worked from home in Bellingham and occasionally came down to meet with her and Lina Zeineddine. I was interning for both and trying to give their vision as a team a presence on the web. I had never seen Morgan’s workspace, there was no boutique. Five months later, I had moved to the Seattle area for a full time job, and was no longer Morgan’s intern, but I was close to the hustle and bustle and attended her collection preview at RAW Artists somewhere on Capitol Hill. A few weeks later was her full fashion show, Revive. About three months after that, she was opening her own boutique in Belltown, suddenly her company was growing, interns everywhere, and then on September 22, she had her second full fashion show of the year, the Dollhouse Prom.

In between her two shows, she has been featured in mini shows all around the Seattle area, in blogs, and in an editorial spread in Tinsel Tokyo. The woman has been busy at work, and all her hard work has resulted in a beautifully stunning show that was held at iMusic. Rene Ropas debuted the ready to wear collection Infiniti, and the fall avant garde collection, Femme Au Foyer, which was accompanied by a full choreographed performance.

Infiniti was comprised of some very workplace friendly, yet edgy pieces, and also some adorable night-on-the-town dresses. The round shapes of darker fabric on some of the pieces created an interesting shape and contrast. The cut and fold on the backs of some pieces were especially unique and weren’t immediately noticeable, so as the model passed you thought you had seen the whole look, but she would then turn and there would be a uniqueness to the shape of the back of the pants. Very classy but still edgy.

Some pieces from Infiniti:

Femme Au Foyer was a beautiful, colorful, LED treat for the eyes. The silhouettes of the hair and dresses were bold and loud. The performance that was choreographed by Renado Tozer was so well done. It was a real show that the models executed beautifully.

HelmetHead Salon did the hair, which turned out absolutely amazing.

My pictures do not do this collection justice (better camera is on my wishlist for sure !).

Images from Femme Au Foyer

Edit: Gallery of More Images (I broke my own blog with too many full size images!)

If you were not in attendance at this event or watching the live stream online, you missed out on a fantastic show that only proves Morgan Carson is on her way up in the fashion industry.

Also the evening was sponsored by Shocking Goat, which provided some fabulous swag for VIPs, as well as Google Places and Novo Fogo. The evening also benefited the Mona Foundation, so it was an evening of fun and fashion for a good cause.

The venue iMusic was transformed into an AMAZING runway, with backdrop art done by Kemba Opio. Absolutely Stunning.

For much better pictures from the evening, check out the Rene Ropas Facebook Page. Images from the evening are starting to pop up.

It was such an amazingly stunning night, and it is unbelievably inspiring for me to look back to a year ago and see where Morgan was, and how far she has come.

She is unstoppable and is on her way to the top.