k-kinda busy

Well, I finally have a chance to update. A lot has happened in the past two weeks. I ended up moving out of my apartment into a new one on top of finishing projects for finals. I pretty much had had it at the end of the weekend two weeks ago. The negative energy in my previous living situation was so incredibly toxic that I felt the need to move out and transfer into a new room.

I live in a shared living complex where the bedrooms are rented out individually, so each person is on their own lease, which is really nice actually to have a set rent range that doesn’t change if someone leaves. I was able to transfer into a new complex and room, but I won’t go into detail about why there was negative energy, I will say it was incredibly childish and I am glad to be out of there. I don’t need to deal with someone’s drama and prefer to stay out of it. That’s why I watch the Hills and Real Housewives on Bravo….someone else’s drama. lol.

I made a good choice and I ended up in a much bigger room for the same price, but I don’t have a washer & dryer. Small sacrifice though in the end. I am so much more happier where I am now, so its good. Even my boyfriend said I should’ve moved out into this room months before.

The end of Winter Quarter came so fast!

2 medium red bulls, coffee, pepsi and take out. I was in the lab from 9 AM until 3 AM. I was not the last person to leave, but holy cow was the buzz I got off red bull insane.

We watched random asian films a really bad zombie movie and romy and michelles high school reunion. new media students=awesome to all nighter with.

I am proud to present my Westfield London project, link can be found below in bold. The brief was a part of the D&AD Awards in UK. Westfield London’s was to create a digital ad campaign that essentially needed to tell people why their shopping center is better than the one they currently shop at, if its not already Westfield London, and the target audience was “educated urbanites”.

There are still some things I would like to tweak, like the arrows in the Experience Westfield section. Those were last minute revisions for the final critique, I was fried and I was not thinking clearly. Those will be changed, and also, you would ideally be able to select the white boxes in the accordion menus under the same section and it would save what you selected and generate your itinerary at the end. Also, it would all be full screen but it was not built to be full screen so I would have to adjust all the background images to make it work.

Experience Westfield

A few things to change but overall I am quite happy with the way this project turned out, and this project really made me like Flash and I kind of enjoy actionscript and getting things to work now. I was so excited I found the code to be able to make a print button function out of flash.

I can’t wait for senior projects next quarter. I want to do an interactive fashion catalogue for one of them.

Sadly my 2nd project did not turn out as well. My title sequence for Tristan & Isolde was such a pain to do. After Effects has so many things you can do with it, and we barely chipped into it. I feel like if I was able to figure out how to use the camera and pre layout items and move the camera it would’ve worked so much better but I just didn’t get it.

The keyframes to set movement did weird easing and set anchor points that I didn’t set and it was just a nightmare. I was just done, I didn’t want to screw with it anymore. So the link to that I will not be posting. I am so unhappy with it, but whatever, moving on to a new quarter.

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, so I’ve been trying to go out, go over to friend’s places for dinner, catch up on my movies. I watched Coco Before Chanel, love French movies and it was about Chanel, so double win. Did the usual $7 pizza night with Ryan’s roommate’s, which is always good and always fun.

The pizza at NY Pizza is SO good, and I am now addicted to their garlic mozza bread. I’ll have to go there on Sundays with Ryan….happy hour all day 😀

I went out with design people on St. Paddy’s day, new media students got done with finals that day so we celebrated. We ended up at 3 different bars…ran into a bunch of other design students…a good time was had. I had such a good time at Uisce (ish-ka) the Irish pub, it was packed and there was a five dollar cover. But it was so freaking worth it. Irish dancing, happy drunk people, packed to capacity…oh it was so fun. I didn’t have a lot to drink because I had to drive but I still had an awesome time and I’m glad I did end up going out because most people bailed but we ended up running into other people, so it was awesome anyway.


It was my first real bar hopping experience…well here in the states. My first bar hopping experience was in Dublin when I was 19, almost 20. And nothing will ever beat that experience. Especially since it was with my favorite teachers from high school, lol.

Friday I ended up in Seattle with Ryan and Casey to go to the Pendulum concert. We went to the Pike Pub & Brewery. Good beer, decent food. I was disappointed with my fish & chips though. I knew I should have gone with the mac n cheese. Then we went to the Green Room before the show and had a quick drink before we had to run up and get our tickets at will call, but before we could do that they searched us…they search everyone but they are not kidding when it comes to that shit….they pulled my coin purse out of my large wristlet to check it for drugs. It’s a techno concert so obviously people are going to try and sneak that in, but it was intense.

The concert was awesome and I was stoked to be sitting in the bar having another drink, I was like, finally! But we moved to the floor and it got crazy intense and I was about to throw a punch at the young dude next to me who wasn’t aware of any movement he was making which resulted in my feet getting stepped on 10 times and his arms flailing and hitting me. I was getting so mad, I was about ready to punch him…..then again its me….I probably wouldn’t have. lol. I did shove a few people….the moshing started up mad when N-type came on…I’m little so I was like, ahhh!

the showbox

It was a good time. I curled up in the back seat on the way home in a sleeping bag since I had to get up at 7:30…we got back at 3:30 AM….I went to work, and then today I drove back to my parents. At the end of the week I’ll be in Omaha to see my brother. It’ll be a good spring break, started out well with Pendulum 🙂

Oh also watched the Hurt Locker……SO intense, definitely deserved best picture and best director.

Phew, that’s a lot! I didn’t even update my fashion picks of recent. I’ll save it for another post.


So MUCH has happened in the past 10 days, I have been so so so busy and have capped it all off for spring break with much needed celebration and dancing tonight, on St. Paddy’s luckily enough. I finished with finals today and I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved to be done.

I have accomplished SO much this quarter Design wise. A year ago I went into the junior sequence not looking forward to Flash at all and thought I would be horrible at it. After a quarter of the intro to new media class I was discouraged, not looking forward to code and hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with it come senior year. Well being placed in the New Media concentration changed that and I have built some pretty solid things in Flash that involves buttons within buttons and movieclips and function onClick….on and on, I have made a huge improvement and I actually enjoy Flash now and making things work. I was never good a problem solving in like math or science, but actionscript and Flash problems I can solve, and I enjoy breaking them down to find the error. I feel uber nerdy now but I’ve always been a nerd.

I’m just so happy with the way this quarter turned out. It’s been awesome.

But enough for now, I will update tomorrow with more pictures and stories.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

tristan & isolde

Today was madness. Pure madness. With school and then work. Then after work had dinner & had some whiskey with one of my favorite girls, Emily. Now…4 hours later, I’m working on my title sequence for digital video tomorrow. I’m redoing the title sequence to Tristan & Isolde…because seriously….”TRISTAN AND ISOLDE” in Papyrus is not an opening sequence at all.

(Picture is backwards, sorry.)

So, I’m using graphics from illuminated manuscripts and literally making the opening sequence, an animated illuminated manuscript. Thank you god for After Effects, but its the tracing and scanning into illustrator that will take the longest, I hope I can knock out the drawing part tonight and scan everything in tomorrow in class.

And I’ve got the Westfield London project to work on, which is actually coming along really nicely and I was stoked that Kacey liked my revisions today. Hopefully Thursday I can dive into Flash and begin coding everything. Once I get the assets together it should be fairly easy. Just calling movieclips in actionscript….whew.

I registered for my last quarter of college today. All I can say is, that was a fast 4 years. Holy cow.

It’s almost unreal.

C'est Bon Aujourd'hui

I continue to be absolutely busy and swamped, now working two jobs and dealing with school, I only have Sundays off, but I’ve been trying to make time to go out and be social with friends. Tuesday nights are officially pizza nights because this fabulous place called New York Pizza & Bar, has $7 Tuesdays. ANY of their gourmet pizzas are $7, no matter what or how many toppings are on it. I’m glad I finally succeeded in getting people to come out. Last Tuesday was by far the best Tuesday because it was me and Ryan and then 4 other people. We had drinks all around, it is also $2 well night, but I went with something a little more solid since the last plain rum and coke I had there made me sick–cheap rum. So I had a Raspberry Fizzle Martini, which tasted like candy, I will have to order that again. We also got jello shots….

Which are pretty much like….injector shots I guess? They come in fat syringes. Haha, it was funny to take those.

We also ended up going out with our friend Matt to play pool.

I love pool. I’m getting better at it. And now that my parents have a pool table…I’ll have to come home more and play.

School has been ridiculous, project after project.

Kinetic Type Project
WWU ZOmbie’s vs Humans Group Project

The project I’m working on for Interactive Design can be found Here at my blog for that class.

The kinetic type project I would like to redo once I become more familiar with After Effects. I want to make a few different ones though, and actually use Robert Downey Jr’s voice for the one I did. I want to do a few to some songs as well. My list of projects is piling up for next quarter.

I drove home for the weekend, to spend time with my Baka (grandma) since my parents are in Mexico. So I will be here with her for a while. The drive over was a nightmare. Rain for 300 miles and people drive even worse when it is raining. It was stressful.

Today I ran to Macy’s to check out the one day sale, and scored these jeans for $10.

They didn’t have my size for the shoes I wanted of course. Every other freaking girl has to have a size 6-6.5 foot. So I just got the jeans. I was utterly bored with everything else in the store. I’ve got a bit of snob attitude when it comes to clothing now and need to make trips to Seattle in order to be happy with the selection. It’s just so much better.

I got home from Macys and Baka made goulash! My favorite homemade meal ever.

Nothing beats it. 🙂

Well that’s all for now I suppose. Nothing terribly exciting, but this next week should be fairly eventful while I try to keep myself busy with Ry and Luna gone.

Fill It to the Brim

PHEW. The past two weeks have been really busy. I haven’t been able to update like I wanted to, I’ve had deadlines like crazy for Design. Even more this week to finish up. Life has been crazy. Where to begin.

A week ago I went out to a show at the Nightlight. It was Sea Wolf & the Album Leaf. I haven’t been to a show like that since high school days, when I would run about with my partner in crime, Hayley, to hit up local venues downtown.

I miss it.

Standing in the intimate underground setting made me miss those days tremendously, even more so when Album Leaf came on. Surrounded by the indie-alternative-somewhat hippie crowd with their vintage style or tight jeans. Those were the people I was apart of in high school. Somehow I feel as though I’ve drifted, mainly in style. I did the vintage thing, the 80s underground bit, now I’ve become a luxury consuming monster. $5 for a handbag? No, I’ll save $650 and go get a Louis Vuitton or Burberry, thank you. It has been my goal to mix the styles…unsuccessfully. I want the Stephan Sprouse/Louis Vuitton style, luxury & grunge.

The show was awesome nonetheless, we took off halfway through the Album Leaf, I was tired, and while I do enjoy their music, spacey, trippy instrumentals are hard to stand through on concrete floor. My shins were screaming. Very glad we went though, Sea Wolf was badass, and I’ve already hit up iTunes for their stuff.

The rest of the week consisted mainly of finishing This Bugger called Nomad. It’s a travel app designed by me & my partner. She came up with the name. Essentially it is user driven travel info, none of that travel guide textbook crap, users control recommendations & info with their contributions.

5 week long project, now we’re onto our 2nd project for interactive design. The exciting thing about this one is, it is for a contest, a legit one, and we got to pick from a variety of legit proposals and I’m pretty much designing a digital ad campaign for Westfield London. I’m a little excited if you can imagine.

I had an interview Thursday, began work Friday, which was exciting, so glad to be working again. I’m now a housekeeper on Fridays, the pay is great and its just for a little 2 suite inn. It’s perfect. Then I started work in the office again on Friday and got to redesign the brochure, which was fun.

Friday night, Josh & Alisha arrived, we ended up going out, we went to the Royal and played some pool. I had 3 Jim & Coke’s, and boy did I feel those the next morning. Blagh. But we had an AWESOME time, we played pool with these two girls, I ended up knowing one of them from Blockbuster, I was like, I knew I recognized you! And then we ran into one of the girls who used to live across from us & we bashed Ebenal for a bit–they were our landlords at the time, they were absolutely rude and horrible and completely unprofessional. It was fun, I wasn’t dressed up at all since it was kind of last minute. I felt super out of place in my giant Uggs, but whatever.

Saturday I worked some more, but we got up beforehand and ate breakfast at Nelson’s. Biscuits & Gravy yes! mmmhmm. So after work I got ready, and we got some food and went to see the Wolfman that evening. I enjoyed it. I like movies like that with the old school horror. None of this Texas Chainsaw bullshit. Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins & Emily Blunt were awesome in it. I really like Emily Blunt, she’s lovely. The cinematography was absolutely awesome. I would say worth the trip to the theater. After the movie we went back downtown, to the Royal again, and I’m SO glad we did. Played some more pool, ended up chatting with three Australian guys at the bar. Not just me, I was with man, and our friends. We spent the rest of the night with them, and I was thoroughly pleased we were there until they kicked us out. I really do hope the one I was talking with most of the evening looks me and Ryan up. I didn’t get a chance to get his info and I didn’t get his full name. I absolutely love to talk to foreigners though, I love it & it completely was the cherry on top of my night.

The past two days have been recovery. I’m about to pass out or I will hate myself tomorrow. I made myself sick this weekend, we had too much fun & not enough energy for everything we did. Ry took me to the mall yesterday and we picked out some cozy Victoria Secret pants and a sweatshirt for my V-day present. I’m uber cozied out now. =)

Well time for this week to start, had today off, back to reality tomorrow.

Oh and today was the little bundle of energy’s one year anniversary with us. Our Luna puppy love.

she’s a little ridiculous.

some photos from the week

a question of time

I’ve been busy busy busy lately. Finished the Music Video project. I’m quite proud of it actually. I think I’ll go in and maybe do a little more editing though. I want to do some faster cuts to match up with the song a little better, but overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Today I woke up with a red eye again. It happened on Sunday and went away, it’s not pink eye. But I called my mom this morning and told her I had that and a headache and found out, I most likely inherited migraines like my brother did & that those can cause a red eye/halo, which I have. So I woke up to that, a swollen toe, from god knows what, and blisters the size of quarters on my ankles. That is my fault though. I wore my purple wedges yesterday, and didn’t put an band aid on my ankles, so the rubbing just took the skin right off. I had to have my roommate drop me off at class this morning because I when I put my shoes on, even my Uggs, it was painful to walk across the apartment.

Yesterday was critique day for the Music Video, so I dressed up a little. I like to dress up for critique days. I guess its my way of trying to be professional. I’m about to present my work, so I want to look nice. And I love those shoes, but they murdered my poor ankles. I had to hobble across Red Square to get to the bus.

On Tuesday, I’m going backwards here, Ryan picked me up and we went to the park with Luna and the boys. It was sunny and gorgeous out but cold. Every dog imaginable was there it seemed. The sun comes out and so does everyone else. We went into the Woods Coffee there, and I finally used up a gift card I had. Its a neat little coffee shop with a loft. Their Iced Tea Lemonade is delicious, but not good for a cold day, my poor fingers were frozen, but I wasn’t in the mood for coffee.

Monday night, we went and had Mexican food and margaritas. I should have known better. Tequila is not a good thing. I’m sticking with my Jim Bean & Coke, Mimosas, Fuzzy Navels, & fruity Vodka drinks. I don’t think I ever want to touch Tequila again…or Mexican food for a while at least.

Today is my Friday, I am relieved. Ready for this week to be over. Rocked my Design 312 test, it was super easy.

I need to take more pictures. I haven’t been using my camera as much as I would like. I need to get out of Bellingham and shoot is what I need to do.

view from school

San Juan Islands

the Boys

I want that big dog.

Woods Coffee

I was all excited when I checked my email this morning, thinking there was going to be an Alice + Olivia trunk show at the Neiman Marcus in Bellevue. Nordstorm in Seattle has trunk shows all the time, so I was like, goody! But it was just a preview online. Nonetheless, I LOVE Alice + Olivia. And I want these pieces.


Class started. Time to build a website. Later.

baby loves to dance, dance in the dark

****Beginning is semi-rant/stress/emotional word vomit that just needed to be put down*****

I don’t know if it was because I just couldn’t focus on the lecture in Design 312 today, but I worked myself up into such a swirling aura of stress that I had to leave during break. Normally I can calm myself down, but I have become so stressed over finding a job these past few weeks it just kind of hit and off I went running into the sunset dropping off applications and resumes left and right. I’ve probably put in 10 applications the past 2 days.

My problem is I haven’t known life without a job since I graduated high school. I had a summer job as a camp counselor, followed by a brief stint at Toys R Us before I got hired at Hastings a week later. I was there for a year…I think it was almost exactly a year…I think it even may have been exactly a year, my last day was the same date I had been hired. I spent three months without a job when I moved, but when I went home for break I worked at Hastings for the Holidays until I had to go back. Then I was immediately hired by Blockbuster and was there for a year and half. Then I went on to a better job, that ended up kind of leaving me on the curb last month. I need work, I need a job, it’s driving me crazy. And this is why I have a giant stomach ache and haven’t been able to stomach much this evening.


I just had to get that out there.

So. I know Heidi Montag is the story of the moment in Reality TV world & I guess I’ll throw my 2 cents in with the rest of the world. I did watch the Hills until about 2 episodes into the last season and was done with it. To see this girl, about my age, plastered on the front of People, with a blank & altered face, and the headline, Addicted to Plastic Surgery, made me cringe. I am happy she is pleased with the results, but the reason behind it? Partly due to what people said about her on the internet…well most the people on here so far have said she didn’t need to change…is she going to go back and try and get fixed up again? I understand her insecurities, I was teased constantly growing up. I wasn’t exactly the most aware when it came to stuff like makeup and doing your hair. I remember being mortified when I went to a friend’s house when I was in grade school and we went to go swimming and I had to wear one of her swimsuits. I was so self conscious because it was a bikini and I’d always had those boy short swimsuits. It just freaked me out. But I definitely have taken a few giant steps since then and high school. End of junior year, and senior year it kind of started to fall into place.

I’m not against plastic surgery, it depends on the procedure. Breast augmentation, if you want em bigger well then make em bigger. But for a 23 year old to have as much plastic surgery as she had done, and what she had done…is totally horrifying to me. And that she was also driven by the fact she thought this would help her music career breaks my heart. Chances are girls who do listen to her music, won’t be my age, they will be pre-teens and teens. What message does she think she will be sending to those young fans. Not a good one.

But if it makes her happy, it makes her happy, but I still think she looks like completely void of emotion…botox injections, really? She was beautiful before, she is just a plastic now.

perfect? no such thing.

There is no such thing as perfect either. When it comes to looks and people liking you, my boyfriend told me, when I was upset over how I looked one day, “All that matters is what I think,” he said, probably about ______% of people don’t like you just because of the way you look, and not everyone is going to find you attractive, you are not perfect. Not everyone will be attracted to your traits.

And I think I may have grown a little in self confidence since that day. I’m finding myself more happy with the way I look, and I know I have a good little figure. And I am, I’m little. My friends rag on me all the time. I’m not a stick though, and I’m healthy. I have a little pudge on the side, and I’m proud of it. Who wants to be model thin anyway? I like my food.


Speaking of food, I hate buying stuff on campus anymore. I feel like I’m being robbed every time I go in there which is why I’ve been avoiding it unless I absolutely didn’t bring anything filling enough to eat. I’ve been slacking on my healthy diet…had McDonald’s yesterday, made it about halfway through the cheeseburger then couldn’t eat anymore. Gross.

I was snacking on toasted sourdough bread the other day. Just barely toasted so its not hard & crispy but soft & crispy and then smothered it in butter. I had like 5 pieces. It’s too good. Apparently I made a bunch of people on Facebook want some too. Haha.

I have been loving my make up the past few days. Sunday was a relaxed day, had partied the night before so I was going more casual. Just headed over to the boyfriend’s to chill for the day. I love dressing up for school. I don’t go over the top, but I like to look nice. I rarely go in sweat pants and if I do, its probably 10 PM and I’m on my way to the new media lab to work on stuff. Or I’m sick and can’t afford missing another class, so I have to go to class but just don’t have the energy.

My boots that Ry got me are freaking amazing. I love them to death. I need to wear them to class more, or heels at least, its quite a workout to walk to class in heels from my place.

Sunday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Loved my make up today. Sunday was my relaxed day. Tuesday, walked to class in those boots, I freaking love them.

Classes this quarter are coming along. I really do not enjoy actionscript 3.0, but the fact that I have comprehension of what I’m writing out is an achievement in itself for me. It’s interesting working in Flash, like the exercise we just did. Add a Button to Section 1 that then makes something play So the giant purple button is the one I added. Having to go into the timeline in flash and keep going into sub timelines makes you sit there and think. It’s real problem solving for me, like I have to sit there and think it out, I need to click A to get into Timeline B, where I have to click B, to get into Timeline C, where this movieclip goes and this is where I tween it.

It gets confusing but I kind of enjoy that problem solving. I am not looking forward to diving into making our travel app functional. I am having such a creative block, I couldn’t even refine my initial comps. I feel like I had a good idea and now my vision is lost somewhere. It sucks. I know it can be great, just gotta find that inspiration.

So instead of revising comps, I ended up playing around in Illustrator. I like using text when I design. I think its the hours upon hours I spent making icons for livejournal when I was in high school. But anyway, I ended up playing around and made this, which initially was just pink and then I ended up adding purple and that’s where the text came from…Chesire. Chesire cat colors, and it was all abstract and I’ve been anticipating Alice in Wonderland, so it became Chesire Acid.

It’s nothing amazing, but I like my concept. That would be fun to play around with some more…Chesire Acid.

I also really want the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette…so that may have been my subconscious poking out.

The music video for digital video is coming along swimmingly…it just sucks with using videos from 40+ years ago. But they’re copyright free and it really forces you to zero in on a given idea and mold it into something else. The song I’m using is actually matching up really well with the video now, and its kind of weird how I go back to pick a clip out of original video and then hear the actual sound instead of my music. It’s neat.

Madonna Timeline & Stats

Random Design Project of the Day. Enjoy. And good night. I’ve been writing for a long time, its bed time.