For the Love of Shoes: White Platform Sandals

It’s the funky nature of the white platform that I love. It stands out, especially if the rest of the shoe is a bright color. I’m obsessed with this trend this year. Seattle has been unusually hot this year and my ankle boots are sometimes way too much (it’s that warm).

The brand I’ve been loving has been Bucco, which is over on Hautelook quite a bit, but since it’s a flash sale site, I usually miss my size. I just discovered these over on Zooshop, which I literally discovered tonight, and again, these just fuel my love for these sky high platforms even more. They’re a statement piece and can really make a jean & t-shirt combo instantly fab.

1. Savin / 2. Enya / 3. Beck / 4. Therapy / 5. Lab

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Looking forward to floating at the lake tomorrow in this heat.

xoxo, Steph


For the Love of Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Spring is finally here. Almost. I mean it is, but if I’m not able to wear sandals in the morning without my toes falling off from the cold then we’re not quite there yet. But next week will be in the mid seventies which means I get break out my favorite Matiko platform sandals.


Damn right that calls for a dancing Dumbledore gif.

But oh hey, speaking of platform sandals. Jeffrey Campbell. Always brilliantly out there with wild styles and sky high platforms & the latest shoes available at Solestruck are no less bold and wonderful.

These platforms look wonderfully retro & I want to buy them all, put on a pair of dark skinny jeans and role the cuffs up. I love them.


I’m so ready for spring, scratch that, I’m ready for SUMMER, and sandals. And I want some Jeffrey Campbell platforms to add to my closet.


Vava Voom

Spring is here! The sunshine puts me in such a good mood. It rains SO MUCH in Seattle, I can’t get over it. We’ve had amazing weekends!

My parents came last weekend and we visited the Gauguin exhibit at the SAM which was fun. We did some shopping and caught a ferry ride across the sound and back for fun.

Mt Rainier in the distance. Yay for volcanoes!

We went to Mexico Cantina y Cocina in the top of Pacific Place for dinner and ordered flan for dessert.

Easter/Mom’s Birthday Lunch at the Crab Pot. Love those crab stuffed mushrooms!

Been going to Taphouse Grill quite a bit lately. I discovered out of their one hundred and something selection of beers they have Kronenbourg 1664! I had this beer in Ireland 4 years ago and have not been able to find it except online. It’s all I order now when we go.

Ugh! 2nd Audi R8 in a week I’ve seen. Dream car. I came around the corner and died when I saw this. I get giddy when I see one. I love them.

turquoise nails, stone jewelry

Turquoise nails & bright orange stone ring.

Been wearing a lot of feather jewelry lately. Thinking about getting feathers by Plume put back in my hair before summer.

Purchased a new Michael Kors bag, which I ADORE, it is huge though, so may be considering purchasing a smaller bag sometime later. I love totes for summer, and I wanted one for work as well. Also set up the beginnings of a new shoe rack today. I unfortunately ran out of space and realized I MAY be a shoe addict. I have a closet full of boxes with shoes in them still.

Along with bag I picked out some black patent flats which are practical for work. I also spotted these sandals and must go back and get them.

I very much love these Tory Burch sandals too. I’m so ready for summer! Music festivals to attend, a bit of traveling to do as well, it’s going to be a fun few months. I get to travel for work for the first time next week which I’m very excited about. After a rough start to the year, things are slowly falling into place!

For the Love of Shoes: United Nude

I’ve been sitting on this brand a while & am finally posting! What a beautiful collection I have stumbled upon.

I love the clean and modern design of this brand, United Nude. Even the most intricate, detailed piece is sharp. Structurally the shoes are a work of art and are beautiful to look at, and as they should be. They are the product of collaboration between an architect and shoemaker–such clean, innovative design should be expected from such a pair, and they deliver it well.

Check out the United Nude spring/summer collection.
I think I’ll be snatching up a pair or few before summer officially hits.

For the Love of Shoes: Atalanta Weller

As you all know I love a good shoe. I stumbled upon Atalanta Weller a month or two ago and loved the uniqueness of each shoe. The shapes of the details make for interesting piece of footwear. It’s a very different design than some of the other designers I have shared. There are some interesting shapes and colors.

These are a few selections from various collections.

The fall & winter collection was on sale at last week. Wish I could have purchased a pair, because it was quite the steal.

Atalanta Weller

and if you ever make it to ten you won’t make it again

The new Decemberists album, The King is Dead, is really fantastic. It has a much more Americana feel, and I’m particularly smitten with the song “Rox in the Box” because of the fiddle in the background, it sounds kind of folky-celtic. I love folky-celtic.

I’m also pleasantly surprised with James Blunt’s new album, Some Kind of Trouble. It is much more upbeat than his last two albums. “Stay the Night” starts the album off on a very upbeat note. It has me dancing in my seat it’s so catchy.

I also got White Lies new album and the album Cape Dory by Tennis. I haven’t listened to either albums in full yet. I was prompted to get the Tennis album because iTunes had a free single by them called “Marathon” and it reminds me of a 50s pop duwop-esqe song. It’s catchy.

I have been browsing shoes lately….and it’s making me want to buy wedge sandals for summer. It’s also making me wish it was June and not January. I am in denial about winter….my closet shows it all. Tank tops and short sleeve shirts galore.

And I am in love with these ridiculous Versace platform sandals. I’ve never wanted to spend $1000 on pair of shoes…but these changed my mind. Too bad I don’t have $1000 to blow on a pair.

These Viktor and Rolf shoes aren’t exactly summer-y but I still LOVE the dramatic sole.

If there is any pair of sandals/sandal wedges I will be purchasing this summer it will be from Diane von Furstenberg…

love love love LOVE all the DVF items. I want a dress from DVF. Oh hell, I want every item on the website.

I would wear dresses more often if 1) it didn’t rain 300 days a year in Bellingham and 2) if I could have a wardrobe full of Alice + Olivia dresses

This BCBG dress is adorable as well

And this ModCloth dress….omg….way too cute and it’s under $100….

I could keep posting items for hours so I need to stop.

I have an interview tomorrow, I am so ready to get it over with and show them why they should hire me! I am pumped. I just wish I didn’t have such a drive to get down there. Hopefully my congestion is gone by tomorrow. I’m getting tired of only being able to breathe out of one nostril. My allergies were attacking me today too. It has been awful! My eyes itch like crazy.

I’m also trying to figure out what to wear….do I wear a skirt or a dress? I don’t really have any dressy pants. I have two outfits in mind. And what shoes?! Heels or my Tory Burch flats??? I’m leaning toward the flats because I don’t have a nice classy pair of heels.

I might stop in Bellevue square after my interview as well to pop in the Burberry store. I want to see if they have the neon patent belts in the store….but we’ll see, Nordstrom being right there might be too big of a temptation.

Speaking of Burberry, if you haven’t seen their new website, you must. I think it’s beautiful UI design. I love websites that consume the whole screen with imagery. I love their use of rollover video as well.

This week I also started a new self improvement project as a designer. I will learn two new skills a week. This week, while working on the website for one of the fashion designers, I implemented the use of media queries. It is very small and only deals with the padding of the page, but I played around with background color to make it work. I would like to build a page regularly and then make a functional mobile page with media queries so I get the hang of it a little more. Mobile browsing is becoming huge, and shopping on a mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular. did a great job of making a their page translate to mobile.

I am really surprised that Nordstrom has not done anything about their web page and making it mobile compatible. That is one of the things that surprised me with their new layout they implemented a few months back…it is not mobile friendly at all. I like to browse through items when I’m watching TV and I love Nordstorm, but navigating their website on my phone is such a pain. I’ve started going to just because it is so much easier to browse…and it pulls items from all over the web. I really can’t believe I haven’t been using that website more often.

Anyway…back to my two a week design exercises…I just went off on a mobile tangent there.

The second exercise I did was in Photoshop, making objects look metallic. Nothing terribly exciting but I think it turned out decent.

My ultimate goal is to be able to learn a bunch of new techniques and apply them into a single image sometime in the future. It was a post new years resolution and I think it is a good one to keep. Two design skills/techniques/new html/css code every week to better myself as a designer.

Well, I’m off to bed. I need to be well rested for tomorrow! And I need to get off this computer before I impulsively buy this Marc Jacobs rubix coin purse that is only $18.00 that is taunting me from the email advert that I received.

i love fashion

I’ve just been pulling pictures off websites when I’m web window shopping…there is too much I want.

Roberto Cavalli Top

Tory Burch

Robert Rodriguez

marc by marc jacobs

free people

lulu guinness clutch--many more colors on the website

Just a few for now. I need more key, bold pieces in my wardrobe…..quality over quantity, that’s what I need to keep in mind when I go shopping this weekend. I really want to start building a more solid wardrobe…living in Bellingham has just robbed me of a sense of style, no offense to the locals but everyone is so hippie earthy laid back–it’s a don’t really care about fashion type of town. I can’t wait to move closer to Seattle, or any city for that matter.