Valley of the Sun


Last week I went to spend a few days in Mesa with my mom.  The desert landscape and the history of the people who inhabited and survived there is so intriguing to me.  The heat was a nice escape from rainy and wet Seattle, and it was almost 40 degrees warmer down there then the Pacific Northwest! It’s a drastic change but to feel that sun hit your skin and soak in is a beautiful thing.

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Valentine’s Night Out

Oh Valentine’s Day. We keep it somewhat casual in this household & don’t get drawn into all the holiday hype. Usually Ryan & I celebrate the day before and go out because it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without a reservation in Bellevue or Seattle. So technically we’ve already celebrated this year & went out yesterday to our favorite ramen place in Bellevue. Unless we’re going somewhere fancy I keep it pretty casual & chic with some element of funkiness. I always like to have an accessory that stands out & makes an outfit fun.

Check out some of my essentials for going out below.

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Cream on Chrome // PNW Summers

Summer is here & I am haaaaappy. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong state & that I really belong on a beach in Hawaii. But I love the mountains, the forest & the fog of the pacific northwest and when it’s 75 degrees and sunny, Seattle is the definition of perfection.

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But as I’m anxiously awaiting the summer days, one thing becomes blazingly clear. My closet is mostly full of items that would make more sense if I lived in Southern California. So when we hit that first day of beautiful weather, you can bet that I’m in a brightly colored skirt, sleeveless top and sandals, sitting in the park in Bellevue on my lunch break, tweeting to my manager that I might not come back to work.


I wouldn’t trade my summertime in the pacific northwest for anywhere else. You can find me in Hawaii in January, Phoenix in November & December. I’ll be everywhere else but here during the winter. But there is very little reason to leave this beautiful place from May-September.


Outfit deets:

Crop Top: Topshop / Skirt: Unknown/Macy’s / Sandals: Bucco (Hautelook) / Necklace: Unknown/Ebay

Have a great weekend lovelies. It’s going to be in the 80s this weekend, it’s hair day tomorrow (new color!), breakfast with my dad on Sunday…it’s going to be a great weekend.



LA Fashion Week – Brief Update

This will be short as I’m currently 35,000 feet in the air on my way to Chicago.

Los Angeles fashion week with Lina Zeineddine and Bri Seeley was an absolute blast. I met so many new people in the fashion industry. It’s awesome to have the connections I have so that I’m able to be behind the scenes and experience what I experienced this week. Here’s a quick photo from the first night we attended. A street style blogger took my picture, I’m hoping it will be put up on his blog. It’s so fun to have people ask to take your picture out of all the people in the crowd.

I have a ton of photos to upload when I get back to Seattle on Sunday. I witnessed some amazing collections and really felt inspired. I felt LA fashion week had some innovative moments that left a lasting impact on me. I hope I can take this inspiration back to my job as a graphic designer.


Onto Chicago now, it’s going to be a 30-40 degree drop in temperature. Oh boy. This will be interesting.

A Touch of Teal

My outfit for the day. The skirt matches my hair. Partially anyway 🙂 I have partly teal blue hair after I decided for a drastic change.

I love the teal color.


Shirt & Skirt: H&M Shoes: Messeca Tights: Target

a question of time

I’ve been busy busy busy lately. Finished the Music Video project. I’m quite proud of it actually. I think I’ll go in and maybe do a little more editing though. I want to do some faster cuts to match up with the song a little better, but overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Today I woke up with a red eye again. It happened on Sunday and went away, it’s not pink eye. But I called my mom this morning and told her I had that and a headache and found out, I most likely inherited migraines like my brother did & that those can cause a red eye/halo, which I have. So I woke up to that, a swollen toe, from god knows what, and blisters the size of quarters on my ankles. That is my fault though. I wore my purple wedges yesterday, and didn’t put an band aid on my ankles, so the rubbing just took the skin right off. I had to have my roommate drop me off at class this morning because I when I put my shoes on, even my Uggs, it was painful to walk across the apartment.

Yesterday was critique day for the Music Video, so I dressed up a little. I like to dress up for critique days. I guess its my way of trying to be professional. I’m about to present my work, so I want to look nice. And I love those shoes, but they murdered my poor ankles. I had to hobble across Red Square to get to the bus.

On Tuesday, I’m going backwards here, Ryan picked me up and we went to the park with Luna and the boys. It was sunny and gorgeous out but cold. Every dog imaginable was there it seemed. The sun comes out and so does everyone else. We went into the Woods Coffee there, and I finally used up a gift card I had. Its a neat little coffee shop with a loft. Their Iced Tea Lemonade is delicious, but not good for a cold day, my poor fingers were frozen, but I wasn’t in the mood for coffee.

Monday night, we went and had Mexican food and margaritas. I should have known better. Tequila is not a good thing. I’m sticking with my Jim Bean & Coke, Mimosas, Fuzzy Navels, & fruity Vodka drinks. I don’t think I ever want to touch Tequila again…or Mexican food for a while at least.

Today is my Friday, I am relieved. Ready for this week to be over. Rocked my Design 312 test, it was super easy.

I need to take more pictures. I haven’t been using my camera as much as I would like. I need to get out of Bellingham and shoot is what I need to do.

view from school

San Juan Islands

the Boys

I want that big dog.

Woods Coffee

I was all excited when I checked my email this morning, thinking there was going to be an Alice + Olivia trunk show at the Neiman Marcus in Bellevue. Nordstorm in Seattle has trunk shows all the time, so I was like, goody! But it was just a preview online. Nonetheless, I LOVE Alice + Olivia. And I want these pieces.


Class started. Time to build a website. Later.