Holiday Wear – A Few Picks (Funky and Not)

I like a little edge in my style of clothing. So a few of these items I’ve picked aren’t for your everyday girl.

Black Milk: Shattered Glass Leggings

YSL Platforms

Horizontal Stripe Sweater from Nasty Gal

Betsey Johnson Dress

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Metallic Platforms

Dress from Nasty Gal

Obviously red is a huge holiday color for me, and anything sparkly.

I love the month of December. All the decorations and holiday festivities make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to dress up and celebrate with family and friends.

Hope everyone has had a good start to the month!

dem bones, dem bones – black milk and the not so final sale of prints

Still posting about my birthday. Haha, the party continues! I got my Black Galaxies and The Anatomist (from Ryan’s mom!) for my birthday. Love love love them so much.

I get an insane amount of compliments when I go out in them.

Total love.

I’m also obsessed with the Retro Camera app, so that’s what you’re getting. If you want to see better pics of the galaxies, scroll down to another post to see.

Now Black Milk had said they’d be stopping with the printed leggings and dresses and just in general the printed stuff, but they’re not! As I discovered today officially on the FB page. They launched another collection and people were asking because they said they were discontinuing the prints. SO HAPPY!!!

And on top of that they have a Middle Earth dress, that I have been obsessing over since last night, when it was released. I am dying inside. I know I should not and cannot buy it…unless I sell some of my other clothing and accessory items first…then there’d be less guilt. Haha.

Also of note:

One Dress to Rule them All

Matrix Leggin’s

And Mountains of Mars

I feel as though Black Milk helped me find that happy medium I’ve been looking for between high fashion and the counterculture. I like an edgier look that’s not so modest I guess. Add a little (or a lot!) of flair.

❤ Black Milk

I've actually created a Black Milk category for my blog…cause you know this is not the last 🙂

I will probably have another blog post tomorrow. I never blogged about the DList 4 Year Anniversary Party and the gorgeous dress that Sarah Yazmine gave me! ❤

Shpongle is also this weekend. Yahoo!

Black Milk – Printed Leggings + Swimsuits Final Sale

I just stayed up late to stalk the Black Milk website as it went live again after being taken down because they had too many orders to process, and they are now in the process of selling all the printed leggings and swimsuits.

I got the Black Galaxies and I’m so happy with my purchase. It took so much self control to not buy up the leggings that will no longer be on the site. The designer has had some huge issues with the printing lately and is discontinuing that part of his line. I’m so sad, I still want that koi vs samurai swimsuit, the Mountains of Mars dress, and the black leggings with skeletons. I at least got my galaxies and I happy with those. And now I can put my wallet away, until the next awesome pair of leggings from Black Milk comes out and I can’t resist.

Early Happy Birthday to me I guess 🙂

Seriously though, if anyone was even remotely interested in owning a pair of their printed leggings, get on it now! I bet most of them will be gone tomorrow.

black milk

I received my Black Milk leggings about two weeks ago and I am addicted. I need a raise and/or more freelance work to fund this new love. I have never worn more comfortable leggings, and leggings that can look like an edgy pair of pants, rather than a cheap, skin tight pair of cotton leggings that define every detail of your lower half, which believe it or not, everyone does not want to see.

I love my Black Spartans. I have received so many compliments, and they have also been dubbed the Tron leggings. With my white Chanel sunnies, I have a sweet music festival outfit.

My picture I took of the phoenix leggings did not turn out. When I get a better picture I will post those. My current wish list consists of:

Black Galaxies

Black Reptilians

Pink Galaxies

Lace Suspenders

Those are my top picks anyway…and I would like to own 85% of everything on their website…I just love the style, and how comfy the leggings are! They’re so soft, even the Spartans are comfy with the plastic-y fabric. I got a small and they fit well, but the shiny fabric on the Spartan’s bunches a little bit. I’ve tried pulling it tight, with a little success. If I go to XS though I don’t think they’d be nearly as comfy.

My birthday is on the 27th, so I think I might buy another pair as a present to myself, since original present of time with boyfriend and friend at re:generation festival has been reduced to…time with friend and no boyfriend at music festival 😦 (so sad he can’t come)

Yes…another pair of leggings sounds like a cure all. Yay, retail therapy.

And with that, you should Like Black Milk on Facebook and go Shop the collection.

Night all, will be posting again soon, lots going on within the next week and a half, there will be lots of photos.

The Fashion Events page has also been updated with new events. Be sure to check them out.

cockney violin

I’m recently in love with Camilla Skovgaard. Her designs are so clean, but so fierce. All of her wedges I’ve seen are beautiful, and overall the shapes and lines look so structured.

And I’m also lusting after numerous items at Black Milk

Based out of Australia, Black Milk has a collection of unique swimsuits, bodysuits, and leggings (mostly), but there are a few awesome dresses as well that are very “techy”, one is called the Tron Dress, and another is named the Jane Jetson dress.

Peacock Leggings

I usually don’t wear leggings, I have two cotton pair that I usually wear under a skirt or dress because this is Seattle…it never gets warm here, but I really love the Black Milk leggings because they look more wearable as a pair of pants than the standard leggings I have. I like the shininess of some of them too. I’d totally rock some of these.

I also really adore this hoodie bodysuit. It’d be super sweet with a pair of black sateen shorts.

And this is the Jane Jetson dress…I love the structure of it. Alas both of the above sold out within days.

I was also away for the weekend after the new Black Milk collection launched, happily soaking up sunshine and enjoying Apple Blossom with my boyfriend and his dad and the pack of puppies.

And of course I was hiking an orchard in Burberry T-Strap Jellies.

The week before, I went out for Cinco de Mayo to the DList Party at Citrus. I love that place.

It was sunny and 60 the other day, I finally got to wear my Michael Kors wedges, which I love but the rope strap killed my toes.

(Picture Courtesy of Sarah Yazmine)

I also dragged dear boyfriend to another DList event…it worked out well for him–swag bag with Fight Night 2011 for X360 and girls running around in almost nothing haha. Our old roommate laughed when he heard where I was taking him….wasn’t laughing after we told him what we walked into and now wants to know when we go to another one.

And finally, my old but new Chanel sunnies that Anthony gave me at work 🙂 That was probably the best morning ever, bag full of designer sunnies right into my lap. Fabulous. I call the Chanels my Tron Glasses. I’ll be rocking them at all the Electronica shows I go to this summer. Can’t wait!

So much good music is coming to the Northwest it’s almost overwhelming.

Caspa is coming to the Sodo, would really like to see him.

And I’m in love with Emancipator. So good.

All for now, I hardly have a moment to write anything anymore. I’m lining up design projects on top of work, and it’s started to get crazy! I need to rebrand/redesign my website and business cards from “I just graduated” to “I’m a professional”. I’m kind of excited to update my resume, nothing but design gigs and positions 🙂

And just so everyone knows what I cuddled with all weekend…

…it kills me how adorable she is. Really. You have no idea.