Style Fashion Week – Los Angeles – Part 1

Our Closet – Prep for the Week

The first evening & following day in L.A. were fairly relaxed. We visited L.A. Live the first evening for food & entertainment. We sat outside at Wolfgang Puck for dinner, reveling in the 75 degree weather we were experiencing at 8 o’clock at night…it was after all, pouring rain and 50 in Seattle. The first full day consisted of a walk around the Fashion District and a visit to the Cooper Design Space to go through the spring tradeshow where buyers come to buy for next season. It made me want to own a boutique so I could go through and pick out all these wonderful items. We also stumbled upon the Alice + Olivia showroom by accident. Talk about a dream come true. I love that brand and being able to just browse for a moment was a dream come true.

It got way too hot so we made our way back to the hotel to prepare for a model fitting and the first fashion show of our week. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to our evening event. It was truly inspiring.

Vava Voom

Spring is here! The sunshine puts me in such a good mood. It rains SO MUCH in Seattle, I can’t get over it. We’ve had amazing weekends!

My parents came last weekend and we visited the Gauguin exhibit at the SAM which was fun. We did some shopping and caught a ferry ride across the sound and back for fun.

Mt Rainier in the distance. Yay for volcanoes!

We went to Mexico Cantina y Cocina in the top of Pacific Place for dinner and ordered flan for dessert.

Easter/Mom’s Birthday Lunch at the Crab Pot. Love those crab stuffed mushrooms!

Been going to Taphouse Grill quite a bit lately. I discovered out of their one hundred and something selection of beers they have Kronenbourg 1664! I had this beer in Ireland 4 years ago and have not been able to find it except online. It’s all I order now when we go.

Ugh! 2nd Audi R8 in a week I’ve seen. Dream car. I came around the corner and died when I saw this. I get giddy when I see one. I love them.

turquoise nails, stone jewelry

Turquoise nails & bright orange stone ring.

Been wearing a lot of feather jewelry lately. Thinking about getting feathers by Plume put back in my hair before summer.

Purchased a new Michael Kors bag, which I ADORE, it is huge though, so may be considering purchasing a smaller bag sometime later. I love totes for summer, and I wanted one for work as well. Also set up the beginnings of a new shoe rack today. I unfortunately ran out of space and realized I MAY be a shoe addict. I have a closet full of boxes with shoes in them still.

Along with bag I picked out some black patent flats which are practical for work. I also spotted these sandals and must go back and get them.

I very much love these Tory Burch sandals too. I’m so ready for summer! Music festivals to attend, a bit of traveling to do as well, it’s going to be a fun few months. I get to travel for work for the first time next week which I’m very excited about. After a rough start to the year, things are slowly falling into place!

Life On the Go

I have been so busy! I feel as though I start every post with that lately. I haven’t blogged in about a month mainly because I haven’t mustered up the motivation to do it…sometimes you just need to step back from things. I work on the computer all day, it is my job, I design, and I’ve needed to detach a bit more lately. My wrists and shoulders have been going numb, I had to buy a brace to wear at work while I am on the computer. I was wearing it everyday, now down to a couple hours here and there every other day.

I feel as though a lot has happened but then really nothing at all…just life…no big events.

I saw the movie “Rango” with Ryan and Scott a few weeks ago, when it opened. It was really enjoyable, that’ll be one I have to buy. There were some fantastic references to some of Johnny Depp’s older movies, which was great, and of course some adult humor thrown in that the kiddies don’t exactly get. Definitely worth seeing.

It snowed and I proved myself to be a badass by driving to work and being the 2nd one there…on top of living the farthest away from everyone. It snows in Seattle and hell breaks loose…but you can’t blame them…I’d avoid the hills too…that’s all downtown Seattle is. Good thing I work in Bellevue ^.^

Went to Kyoto Steakhouse for Alycia’s birthday. It was really good, I felt bad because I couldn’t finish all my food…you definitely get your money’s worth!

Doodles at work 🙂

I have found this awesome little Teriyaki restaurant in Factoria called Kyoto Teriyaki. Chicken teriyaki and gyoza for under $8. It’s perfect. I usually grab a meal to go once a week. So good!

I splurged on some skin care items. Burt’s Bees Peach & Willowbark Exfoliator & Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser. I love love LOVE them both, but I especially love the Burt’s Bees one because of how soft my skin feels afterward, without a moisturizer. It doesn’t feel dried out, like it does if I use an exfoliator that is medicated. My face feels fresh, and not irritated. I totally love it. The soy facial cleanser works really well as a makeup remover, and it’s super gentle. Definitely love it as well.

I am now registered with Burberry…after I purchased some new perfume in store. I was so excited. I really do love their store in Bellevue. I haven’t been into any other of their stores, but the staff in Bellevue is always so friendly, I always have to rave about them, and the store itself is just gorgeous.

I have been wearing heels probably 3 days out of my work week. Something about Bellingham makes me feel awkward if I wear heels….so I’ve been wearing the hell out of them…and maybe splurged on some amazing Betsey Johnson ones…

The picture is awful but the shoes are amazing! I love them! I really should have never tried them on but there I was…just wanting to look when I spotted them. I picked them up and turned them over in my hand…and then I made eye contact with one of the salesmen…”You want to try them on.” It was kind of a question and kind of not and I probably should have said no because I tried them on and then I never wanted to take them off.

I’ll save these for another post 😉 One day I will have a closet full of Michael Kors shoes.

I want these, I think they’re adorable. Under $100! But I’m on a ban….if only I didn’t have to put money down for a new place…they would be mine. But the new place is definitely better than a pair of shoes. I can’t wait to move and get settled…and my closet organized 😀

And finally the cuteness. I miss her. and Ryan. Words can’t even begin to describe it.

Night all! I have a busy week ahead with an online look book to do and I need to finish my prop for Revive, the fashion show on Saturday! It’s going to be a busy week indeed!

hello new adventure

Well, it finally happened. I found my internship and it is exactly what I wanted and more. It’s for 2 fashion designers, Lina Zeineddine & Morgan Carson, out of Seattle, and I am so excited! It is going to be a whole new adventure and I am looking forward to being involved with their brand and the website and events and everything…this is exactly what I was hoping for and even better it is in Seattle ♥ I am very excited and once things get rolling I will look forward to blogging even more about my experience.

I was in Seattle twice this past week, one for the interview and then for RATATAT. If only I had been feeling better that evening the concert would have been much more enjoyable. And if alcohol prices weren’t freaking ridiculous. $15 for two BOTTOM SHELF rum & coke’s…and by bottom shelf I mean the nasty nasty stuff, so bottom shelf I don’t even know the name, Monarch maybe?

It was fun though, I always enjoy RATATAT’s music and their visuals along with the songs. They had holograms of people in Renaissance dress playing violins, it was really cool. They played all their classics and the songs I wanted to hear off the new album, so once I heard everything, I was ready to go. They didn’t come on until after 11, it was kind of annoying. Doors open at 8, we got there at 9, and then the openers played, they could’ve only used one opener….the second group I didn’t care for so much. I can’t remember their name but when a band opens and their first song’s title involves “Hail Satan” I’m turned off. It was an all ages show too, so lots of kids getting escorted out because of fake IDs…and lots of high schoolers on ecstacy who don’t know what being discreet means…I really don’t want to watch you have an orgy on the dance floor, thanks.

Back up in Bellingham, finally went to Nimbus, and omg, soooooo good!!! I had a salad and these sliders with cranberry sauce and bleu cheese….so good! And the view is just as good…

The bar

And we’ve been going to Bayou on the Bay like every week. I love their BBQ wings & blackened prawn caesar salad….deliciousness every time!

And more food….from the Copper Hog

I don’t normally like Calamari but theirs was really good until I pulled a leg up that was still attached to the other 7 legs and then I was like….that’s too much squid for my taste. 😛 The Copper Hog is always amazing though.

My favorite person in the world came up to visit me this weekend and we had girl time. Much needed girl time that involved an evening of going out and then a day of Keeping Up with the Kardashians while recovering from the previous night. We walked out along the railroad tracks and sat by the bay for almost 2 hours. It was nice, wish we could’ve seen a whale though! It’s close to Orca season, if not Orca season right now. I love the whales. They are such beautiful creatures. I would love to go whale watching again. Just boating around the San Juan Islands is fun.

That’s all for now, I’ve just been working and eating delicious food…and on a shopping ban. I was in Nordstrom twice this week and didn’t purchase a single thing. I did try on the Free People sweater I posted in the previous post….they only had a small and I’m afraid I need an extra small 😦 so it didn’t look good on me.

Fall is officially here, it has been pouring down rain almost nonstop. Yay fall in Bellingham! Everyone is heading back to school and I am quite weirded out by this feeling of no more school.


I’m excited. I’ve joined the smart phone world with a new Droid 2, and I love it.

I went to the Verizon Store last Friday to pick out a phone as it was update time already…I knew I wanted a smart phone but I didn’t want to switch to AT&T for an iPhone, I like Verizon and my dad has the Droid Eris, so I knew I wanted a Droid, but which one? What ultimately helped me make my decision on which phone to pick was the fact that the Droid 2 has a slide out keyboard and it is Flash compatible.

It’s a sweet phone and all the free apps are super cool. And I love it when I get text message or email and all you hear is “Drooooid”. =)

I got my Burberry lip gloss finally ♥ and I cannot wait to buy some of the other products. The lip gloss is creamy and doesn’t get that goopy, sticky feeling on your lips. It moisturizes and makes your lips feel soft. The reviews on for the other products are 4 or 5 stars, so I’m waiting to use up my foundation and go splurge.

Some other lip glosses…
Coach is a little goopy, but shu uemura is like the Burberry gloss, not goopy and it moisturizes but its more sheer and doesn’t have a real full color like the Burberry does.

We went to Wenatchee a few weekends ago and Ryan’s mom had a Tarte set for me. Waterproof mascara and eyeshadow and it came with a big scarf that matches the colors of the eye shadow. I’ve tried the gold, but I’m a little hesitant on trying the turquoise….

With the Burberry make up I also ordered this light sweater from Bobeau

And this camisole from Free People, which was a steal and its so versatile, I love it!

Been busy with work, all the new tenants are moving in with school starting in 2 weeks. I kind of miss the excitement of back to school, it was always a really enjoyable time for me, starting the new classes, and seeing everyone. Life goes on though, and I KNOW once I land a design job somewhere, it will be the same excitement on a new level. I am so ready to just work my butt off and design!

I’ve finally landed on a design I like for my portfolio website that knocks it all up a notch…or two. It feels like I say that all the time but its for real this time! I have probably 5 different sites halfway built but I get halfway through them and then I’m like, this sucks. But you’re your own worst critic right? So it’s all apart of the process for me.

I’ve been on a Bayou on the Bay craze lately. Mmmm cajun food! Their chicken wings and fried okra are so good. And I love their blackened prawn caesar salad….with a whiskey & coke….mmm it makes for a good meal.

And I actually ate some sushi the other day….I am super picky and when my friends took me out to try it last year I was not liking it…except for the salmon. So I grabbed this the other day for lunch and devoured the salmon, the tuna was OK, I’m sure it would have been much better fresh, so maybe I will have to give it another shot and go out in Seattle.

Well, it is my day off, and I’m not feeling too hot, so I’m going to make some food and kick back and do some sketches and design.

And just because I like doing “what’s in your purse”, here’s a recent shot.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


oh yeah…RATATAT in a week!

how fast the summer flies

My life has been increasingly busy, and this last week has been no exception.  I’ve been at work from 8:30-5 each day then get home and work until 9 or 10 on Design. Three, count it, THREE freelance gigs fell into my lap, and I received my first check in the mail today for my first completed gig.  Let me tell you, for an average of $25/hour for a first gig…I’m more than thrilled. Not just about the money, but because I was sitting in front of a computer, working, actually working and getting paid….it’s a beautiful feeling. My second project is up. Check out LaceFace Glass That will be my first website for a client. LaceFace is an amazing glass artist, and you should all check out her work. Either on that site or on

We went down to Everett to see a friend and went to Seattle to go out in the bars.  Men are much more forward and aggressive in the city.  My friend and I were trying to get a drink and there were guys trying to buy us drinks, get our names…I’ve never had that experience in Bellingham, men are much more chill and relaxed up here. It is a smaller city, so you really can’t compare it to Seattle. But we had a good time, I really like going out in the city at night.

We went out to Downtown Johnny’s and Rumors the other night, when one of Ryan’s friends came to visit. I love Rumors, its the gay bar, and they play the best dance music. I am all about dancing.

This Thursday is Daft Punk vs Chromeo at the Wild Buffalo. I am so there! I love the “versus” parties. They’re always a blast.

Some Boundary Bay Amber…I love Boundary Bay, awesome food and awesome beer.

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, awesome drinks and food

Saturday night we went to the final party at the Alamo, which has pretty much been the party house. Jake C, one of the roommates was out in the garage on the torch making a piece for one of the other roommates. There are really no words to describe his work, you have to check it out for yourself, Jake C’s work. Again, another unbelievable artist. I feel so lucky, and Saturday was the first time I’ve seen him make something in person. Really cool stuff.

Sunday was an even better day (my day off!) and a group of 5 of us went out to the Nooksack River and did a 3 1/2 hour float on 3 tubes and an air mattress. Amazing. I had so much fun, it’s like a water park for adults. lol. It was super relaxing, except for a few spots…I got lodged on a rock going around a curve and scratched myself/bruised myself. And there were SO many people…oh my goodness I’ve never seen so many people. But then again, weather in the high 80s, low 90s is unusual for us in Bellingham, so it was no surprise. It has been so hot, everyone is at the lake, the ocean, or the river.

That was a blast though. I went down to Everett with the other girl who came with and we went and had Mexican food at this really good restaurant, but I can’t remember the name of it! The day wore me out and we devoured our food, got some ice cream, and went back and watched Sex and the City, the movie, because I’d never seen it before. And I loved it. I need to watch the series now, and the second movie. I’m going to have Carrie’s closet….someday 🙂

I’ve tried to place myself on a shopping ban until the end of September…but I might have to splurge on some new Burberry makeup and a pair of boots….

I want something pirate-y….well at least one pair of pirate-like boots. I want a lot of pairs of shoes in general…but boots…I could have a closet full of boots and never have enough.

Some more pictures from the past few weeks…it was incredibly hazy and muggy for about a week straight due to wildfires in B.C. so it made for incredible sunsets.

Luna puppy’s eyes…they’re so golden…I love them.

Well, lots to do…kind of…still sending out my resume and portfolio to anything I can find. I’m dying for an in house design job somewhere. I just know that it would be a good environment and fit for me, because I design is so much about collaboration and feedback. Yes I may design something on my own, but I need that input from different view points to get an awesome end product that I’m happy with.

I am searching high & low. I’m thinking since I’m out of a job in November (yay seasonal positions from February to November…), I might try to find an internship if I haven’t landed anything else. Just a waiting game right now…and I’m in the process of redoing my website…making it cleaner…I like where it is finally going…

we celebrate right

Fondue feast from last night. I wish I had been feeling better, but I munched on some bread, meat and a few deep fried items–bananas, apples, shortbread. We had 4 different kinds of fondue going…maybe 5. It was a god celebration.

I’ve been so swamped with school and work. This weekend was nice and I spent much of it at the park with Luna puppy. This week has been rainy so far…bummer.

Book Arts! And my Italian Soda addiction. It was Blackberry, they were out of Raspberry, it was tasty nonetheless.

I will post pictures of some of the books I’ve made from last year. I’m taking the class again, I really enjoy it, I am not the best at crafts/hand skills. So one of my goals for the class is to really focus on that aspect. My first book turned out fairly well.

I got my psych 119 test results yesterday–I didn’t fail–I am so HAPPY. I haven’t taken a test for a class like that in a while. It’s been almost a year and a half. Art History is so different once you get to the upper level courses–no real tests–even if you do, its names and identifying periods, etc.

Now that the weather is changing, I can get out more of my wardrobe…most of my clothing is summer/spring items…

My boyfriend bought me this top the other day after we went to dinner. I completely fell in love with it when I tried it on.

Was complimented a number of times on Monday with this outfit/especially for the shoes. Unfortunately the shoes were not too comfortable and my toe is now paying dearly for it. Fashion is pain I guess.

Wore this a few weeks ago. I thought it was cute with the rain boots. I love those rain boots. They’re so cute.

This blog is so weird in terms of how to set up images. I’m going to have to buy a CSS extension so I can edit the layout further.



check out this cuteness. isn’t she adorable?

I’m going to be late for class. Later!