Fox(y Lady)

Over the weekend I was shopping at Nordstrom for some of my essentials & while picking out a new iPad case, my boyfriend pulled a Kate Spade iPhone case down, with a fox on it, and I had to have it. I love foxes.

Kate Spade apparently has a whole foxy fall collection that is full of cute & stylish foxy things. That, if I’m quite honest, I would have bought the whole collection had it been sitting there in front of me. Here are some of the cute foxy things from Nordstrom.


1. Foxy Necklace / 2. Foxy Wrap Ring / 3. Foxy Patterned Socks / 4. Foxy Coin Purse / 5. Foxy Patterned Wallet / 6. Foxy Clutch / 7. Foxy Watch 8. Foxy Face Socks

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I’m prepping for a trip that will be here oh so quickly. Lots to share then.



Autumn Child

Well ya caught me. Last week I was bitching about Halloween candy being in stores and then today while out grocery shopping, Ryan & I passed the decorations to which I exclaimed, “Ooh, I want to buy all the things Halloween!”

Ryan then promptly called me out. Whoops. I can’t help it though. Autumn is a profound season for me mentally. Perhaps because some of the most impressionable moments from my teen years were in Autumn, so a very deep nostalgia is felt when I smell the leaves & have Depeche Mode playing.

It’s a romantic season. you could say I worship it. The pulling out of boots, sweaters and scarves; the purchasing of autumn scented candles; playing Celtic music playlists I’ve carefully curated for the season; these are my rituals.

I wish I could explain the Celtic music one. I’ve always been drawn to the British Isles & their ancient past. I’ve romanticized it quite a bit in my head & though I’ve never been, I have this very clear idea of what autumn in the UK looks like. Though I’ll get to find that out for myself in a few weeks!

20150904_004145000_iOS 1



Outfit Details:

Top: Zara
Jacket: Sam Edelman
Boots: Bucco
Bag: Michael Kors Sutton Medium Satchel
Pants: Paige

And as an aside, Zara’s autumn landing page design is on point. Love. (I nerd out over good design.)
Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.53.56 PM

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


For the Love of Shoes: White Platform Sandals

It’s the funky nature of the white platform that I love. It stands out, especially if the rest of the shoe is a bright color. I’m obsessed with this trend this year. Seattle has been unusually hot this year and my ankle boots are sometimes way too much (it’s that warm).

The brand I’ve been loving has been Bucco, which is over on Hautelook quite a bit, but since it’s a flash sale site, I usually miss my size. I just discovered these over on Zooshop, which I literally discovered tonight, and again, these just fuel my love for these sky high platforms even more. They’re a statement piece and can really make a jean & t-shirt combo instantly fab.

1. Savin / 2. Enya / 3. Beck / 4. Therapy / 5. Lab

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Looking forward to floating at the lake tomorrow in this heat.

xoxo, Steph


Cream on Chrome // PNW Summers

Summer is here & I am haaaaappy. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong state & that I really belong on a beach in Hawaii. But I love the mountains, the forest & the fog of the pacific northwest and when it’s 75 degrees and sunny, Seattle is the definition of perfection.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

But as I’m anxiously awaiting the summer days, one thing becomes blazingly clear. My closet is mostly full of items that would make more sense if I lived in Southern California. So when we hit that first day of beautiful weather, you can bet that I’m in a brightly colored skirt, sleeveless top and sandals, sitting in the park in Bellevue on my lunch break, tweeting to my manager that I might not come back to work.


I wouldn’t trade my summertime in the pacific northwest for anywhere else. You can find me in Hawaii in January, Phoenix in November & December. I’ll be everywhere else but here during the winter. But there is very little reason to leave this beautiful place from May-September.


Outfit deets:

Crop Top: Topshop / Skirt: Unknown/Macy’s / Sandals: Bucco (Hautelook) / Necklace: Unknown/Ebay

Have a great weekend lovelies. It’s going to be in the 80s this weekend, it’s hair day tomorrow (new color!), breakfast with my dad on Sunday…it’s going to be a great weekend.



Not a queen, a Khaleesi

Another month, another hair cut, another color change. Last December my stylist convinced me to just go all the way and get an undercut. She took the clippers and shaved off inches of hair on the right side of my head. My heart fluttered, my eyes got wide for a moment, and then when she finished and went to go mix up my purple color I turned my head to the side.

Damn. DAMN.

And I realized I would actually look pretty ok if I shaved my head. I’m not THAT adventurous with this ol’ head of hair, but it was a reassuring realization.

After a fresh coat of dazzling purple was applied, and the rest all trimmed off, I left feeling like a motherfucking shield maiden. Like Lagertha in Vikings. I felt badass. And I still do.

Photo on 4-21-15 at 9.48 AM #2

With Game of Thrones starting, of course I’m envious of Daenerys’ badass outfits and Sansa’s jewelry. So Yesterday I was walking around feeling fierce with my gold necklace & undercut. I wanted to walk around saying, “I’m not a queen, a khaleesi!”

So with summer approaching, here are few items I think are worthy of a khaleesi.


1. dress of athena | 2. Zigi Girl ‘Jae’ Sandal | 3. Stuart Weitzman ‘Sparta’ Sandal | 4. Free People Gnarly Vines Dress | 5. Trailing Jade Gown | | 6. Ancient Greek Sandals Niove Sandal

Have a lovely week everyone, I have lots of travel & other weekend adventures coming up. I can’t wait for summer!