The Final Shows – LA Style Fashion Week – Bri Seeley & Lina Zeineddine

The Nickel Diner, a bustling little joint that had good food.


One of the other designers, Patuna Bushyhead. Her collection was simply stunning, flow, ethereal gowns with jewels.

Finally Bri Seeley & Lina Zeineddine shoes on the runway!

Bri’s collection has been picked up by Zappos & will be available sometime next year! It was a great week for these two designers.


I left after the first round of shows so I could get back to Beverly Hills and get packed since I had to be up early to catch a flight to Chicago. I ordered room service and enjoyed a relaxing evening before heading off on another, short but much anticipated, trip.

dresses to take you from summer to autumn

I’m obsessing over dresses at the moment. Here are some chic & edgy dress to take you from the end of summer to autumn.

From In Love With Fashion

From Pixie Market

I can barely feel autumn in the wind right now. Seattle had two days of a heatwave, so we’re not experiencing what the rest of the country is. Call me crazy, but I start to feel that slight change in August and my mind fills with fall fashion, pumpkin spice lattes, and changing colors. At the same time, I don’t want summer to ever end.

Happy Friday!

skirts & dresses, a girly change for me!

I ordered this.



I want this. But they’re out of my size. C’est triste.



And I’m surprisingly fond of this.



I’ve undergone some sort of girly epiphany this past winter. I love skirts, and I’m starting to love dresses. It’s just a matter of finding the right style of dress, that you can add a little edge to…like with these shoes:


From the Lina Zeineddine Collection. I’ll have to post pics when I get my pair & the dress. I see a winning combo.

Now…if only this dreary, winter Seattle weather would end. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

I’m ready for sandals,  not more snow boots.





Holiday Wear – A Few Picks (Funky and Not)

I like a little edge in my style of clothing. So a few of these items I’ve picked aren’t for your everyday girl.

Black Milk: Shattered Glass Leggings

YSL Platforms

Horizontal Stripe Sweater from Nasty Gal

Betsey Johnson Dress

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Metallic Platforms

Dress from Nasty Gal

Obviously red is a huge holiday color for me, and anything sparkly.

I love the month of December. All the decorations and holiday festivities make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to dress up and celebrate with family and friends.

Hope everyone has had a good start to the month!

Fashion Picks: Dresses for Under $100

I don’t have many dresses in my wardrobe. Something I’m coming to regret as I look through selections online and attend more networking and fashion events. I think it’s because I’m short that I don’t wear dresses. I wore a beautiful and soft maxi dress to an event in Bellevue a few weeks ago. It touched the ground, so I found myself having to carry the dress when I walked.

I’m not that incredibly short, but I am certainly no model, so anything that hits the knees or that sort of awkward knee-shin area makes me feel shorter.

And let’s face it, I live in city where summer comes in August and lasts 4 weeks with a few random splashes of sun here and there before and after the short lived season. So wearing a dress anytime other than those 4 weeks doesn’t appeal to me greatly. It is raining, and I want to be cozy and warm.

I am however in love with this dress from Zara. (And I just realized I should have bought it last night, when they still had a size small. So sad.)

I like the clean lines & simplicity of this dress from Mango.

Another one from Zara. I am in total love with shape, cut and fabric of this dress. Adorable.

I adore the shape and the contrast of the fabric on this one. Also available on Mango.

More from Zara. I tell you, now that online shopping is available in the USA, that website will be the end of any bonuses from work I receive. Such classic pieces and affordable.

I’m quite in love with that patterned Zara dress, I just love the silhouette…that may need to be purchased if it’s still available next week. You never know when you may need to dress up a bit 🙂

Seattle Fashion: Sarah Yazmine and the “Goddess Dress”

Back in June (my how time flies) I attended the DList 4 Year Anniversary party with my lovely friend and fashion designer, Sarah Yazmine. It was to be a “red carpet” event, and while there was a red carpet, you can only be so classy for a magazine called “DList”, and where Lil Jon is the headlining DJ for the evening. Not that I have anything against DList Magazine but rather the majority of women that show up for the events hosted, if you were a man looking for a wife and did a once over, you’d probably realize you were in the wrong place.

The whole classiness thing is relevant because I WAS feeling quite classy and was wearing a beautiful dress that Sarah had designed and made.

It made me feel so goddess like, which is why I call it the Goddess dress.

I secretly wanted to wear it to a wedding but I was told I can’t look better than the bride, which is fair enough 🙂 I just don’t go to many events that would require such a formal dress, but I love how it is formal, but still edgy, and not quite…stuffy…I suppose is the word I am looking for.

I think the simple design, and little detail in the tie in the back and the detail in the top is just enough, so it doesn’t feel loud but is still eye catching in a clean way. It’s beautiful and I adore it.

I will be working with Sarah on a new website for her company here in the next few months. In the meantime, you can follow her on

twitter: yazzzie
facebook: Sarah Yazmine Apparel

I’ve been on a local fashion designer binge lately. While I still love the well known brands, I’m all for supporting the designers who aren’t internationally/nationally known. To me, it makes me love what I wear more knowing it was hand sewn here, by someone I know, and sometimes even custom made for me. The whole idea that I am wearing something unique and supporting someone’s art is all the more important to me.