An Event Apart: Key Takeaways from a Web Designer

Conferences. I love conferences.


Compared to Seattle Interactive Conference, from a design perspective, I loved the format of this one. About 12 speakers over the course of two days, in one room, so there was no running between rooms or going to a dull session and feeling like you may have missed out on something better. This is a conference for people who make websites so it is pretty specific. I dig it.


I always come out of these type of events feeling JAZZED, EXCITED, BURSTING AT THE SEAMS WITH CREATIVITY.


And then comes the slow decline after realizing maybe only half of what I learned, I can actually take back and use in my design process. Because that’s just how it goes.


1. Writing and articulating your thoughts is key to a successful career.
Dare to speak! Unlock your inner voice! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it.

2. Responsive Design is changing the way teams work together in an organization.
Teams should be working together throughout an entire project. The practice of just handing off tasks between teams & not touching the project again is dying.

3. Designers need to start surfacing conflict.
If we ignore any issues that we’ve identified before starting a project, we’re setting ourself up for bigger conflict down the road. So get that shit out of the way. Tackle it head on. Nothing good comes from burying it and ignoring it. It is our job as creatives to handle those problems. We are problem solvers!

4. Act like the expert the client hired you to be.
You were not hired to be the client’s friend. *cue Liam Neeson voice* You were hired because you possess a particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long career. Skills the client does not have. They trust you. Don’t blow it.
Confidence isn’t about you either. It’s about the client. If you don’t act like the expert, you’re going to freak your client out & they’ll question your abilities to complete their project and no one wants that.

At the end of the second day, I left with a handful of new tools for my design toolbox, but also with a new perspective on things. I had a project with a client recently and the website part went really well. Looking back, its because my manager and I sat down one afternoon, developed our plan, and came in confident that our approach was the right one. And in the end, it was. It really is all about the confidence you exude. And right now, I’m feeling pretty good.



Picture Year in Review: 2011


Bellingham Sunsets. Something I miss incredibly.

It snowed. Luna was having such a blast. She loves the snow.

Gathering Glass Designs Anniversary Party & Raffle


I got a new job, as a graphic designer.

My workspace

RAW Artist Show: Rene Ropas Collection Preview

Fashion Feud Round 1

Bassnectar at the Paramount. Unbeknown to me, an epic first show of the year, with many more to follow.


It snowed some more.

I went on a show binge apparently.

The Rene Ropas Collection, Revive: A Black & White Masquerade and Journey into Alice and Wonderland: My First Real Fashion Show.

Subterraneo: Jose Cuervo Sponsored Event


The Honey Hole Restaurant on Capitol Hill

Fashion Feud Round 3

SAM Exhibition

Rusko @ Showbox SoDo

Rusko at Showbox Sodo (pic courtesy of flickr)

DList Golden Ticket Party (pics courtesy of Sarah Yazmine)


Sasquatch Festival! Bassnectar Show #2.


Rene Ropas Boutique Opening

DList 4 year Anniversary Party

Regeneration Festival & a very happy birthday weekend to me. Bassnectar show #3!


Shpongle Show

First 4th of July at Boom City, lighting off our own fireworks


Lots of trips to Bellingham & a camping trip


Rene Ropas Fall Collection Preview

Identity Festival at the Gorge. Pretty Lights. Rusko. Kaskade. Nero.

Rene Ropas Dollhouse Prom Fall Collection Show

Fashion’s Night Out

4G4 Girl Power Hour Anniversary Party & Bellevue Fashion Week Launch


First Sounder’s Game. Last game of the normal season.


Ringing in 11.11.11 – Ryan & James double birthday party at Penetration Art Walk Party hosted by Dumb Eyes

Danksgiving with Friends in Bellingham. Food extravaganza.


And finally perhaps one of the highlights of the year, from the man himself.

I’m Bassnectar’s homegirl. Basshead status elevated.

2011 has been an incredible year of highs and lows. I have shared many amazing moments with the people I love and who I am proud to call my friends.

It has been a year of fashion and music and design. Thank you to all who have made my first year in Seattle an unforgettable one.

May 2012 bring you all more adventures & experiences & joy.

Be unstoppable this new year & have no regrets. Just in case the world does end 😛

Interface Design Tools – UI Stencils

A fellow coworker directed me to this website UI Stencils and I got SUPER EXCITED and ordered two notepads right off the bat.

I already do a lot of mobile design & I do web design on the side, so I thought these would be super handy since I like to sketch things out, even if they are super rough. It is nice to have something that is measured out.

The stencils are next on my to buy list. I especially love the mobile stencil sets (The little Android character is going to end up in many a doodles, that is for sure)!

I think it is important to get away from sitting in front of a screen and drawing digitially and utilizing those real drawing skills, even if they’re not so great.

With that being said, I’ve been in front of a screen since noon & launched a website this evening. So I need to exercise some skills that don’t involve a computer (But may involve a Wii controller and the new Legend of Zelda game….oh I’m awful).

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

actionscript: a lovehate relationship

I have a lovehate relationship with Actionscript and Flash. I am right now trying to get a site launched and what content I have polished off aaaand Flash is being…well Flash.

And the amount of layers keeps getting larger -_-;

The site will be up tomorrow though! I am still waiting on content from the fashion designer but our initial launch will be tomorrow 🙂

find yourself

It is the new year and I am feeling refreshed but also full of ideas. I will be starting a new project soon and once I get the first one done I will post all about it, but for now it is a secret! 😉 I really hope the execution is as beautiful in real life as it is in my head. I am still trying to figure out exactly the best way to go about it, and what kind of materials to use. I am in the process of researching it all, but experimentation seems the best approach to finding what will work the best.

I will share some of the images that have inspired me to go in the direction I am planning with this project.

I am excited, and hoping if I take my time with this it will lead somewhere good! My only concern is money for materials but once I get this first product done I am going to try and promote, promote, promote and go from there.

The first sunset of the year was absolutely beautiful, so many colors! It was intense! This photo was in no way enhanced…that is exactly as I took the picture.

I did splurge a little bit when I got back to Bellingham. I got two belts and a cute top that I don’t have a picture of right now. I wore the belt the other day with this outfit and really liked how it looked. (And check out that new bag!! 😀 Burberry…many thanks to Mama D, the boyfriend’s mother, for that cherry on top of my Christmas/whole year!)

Sorry for the terrible photo, I really would like to get a better camera this year….and find someone who will photograph me in my outfits instead of having to set it up myself.


WOOT. Maybe I’ll frame it……….Probably not.

I made a couple resolutions this year. I’ve never really followed through in the past, but this year I feel different. Maybe it is because I am no longer a student, and its been 6 months since I graduated already.
I just want to be me this year. I feel as though I have been caught up in wanting something else…not being content with what I have…envying other people’s situations. I am not saying I want to settle, I think I am trying to say I need to spend time making the best out of the situation I am in.

I just want to approach this year differently….with a new attitude and outlook.

Anyway. I really didn’t post any pictures from before the new year, so here they are.

Part of Ryan’s Gift…YSL L’Homme Cologne…he didn’t want the deodorant…so I took it, I looooove the way it smells. lol.

It was Bath and Body Works year in terms of gifts…my mom bought me a bunch of stuff then I got a $50 gift card to spend as well.

The shower gel makes a really good substitute for shaving cream….my legs have never felt so soft.

Barn on Highway 2 that collapsed in the recent past

One happy Christmas Weiner Dog

A little Twilight Princess on Christmas Eve

And then this cuteness to start the new year.

Luna’s two friends, Oliver and Spencer. They’re adorable.

That’s all for now. I’m going to go take a hot bath, then turn on GHOST ADVENTURES (I have a crush on Zak Bagans…ssshhhh Ryan doesn’t know. Except now he does :P)

Night all!

a snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss)

Photo and article at: The Dieline, the image should take you there!

I’ve been obsessed with packaging lately, especially wine & vintage packaging. Especially this Armand de Briniac Champaigne. The bottle alone gives an impression of royalty, with it’s plated label and metallic colors. I would feel like a queen if I owned any of those bottles.

The whole vintage thing, I’m loving the different typefaces and color schemes, or just typeface on the really old, yellowed paper circa 1900 or so.

This past weekend, we were down in Seattle for the Tosh Tour 2010 at the Paramount. It was hilarious, I’m glad we got go because both shows sold out. It was awesome, he is a good act to see. He did his research on Washington and the show was hilarious because of what he incorporated into it. Live comedy is always so much more fun.

Before the show, we went to the Taphouse Grill in Downtown Seattle, near the convention center, across from Gameworks. They have 160 beers on tap, which was really cool, and the food was amazing. I had some dungeness crab mac and cheese, with only the best cheese. So good!

It snowed here in Bellingham. And currently it is frozen over at about 20 degrees…with 50-60 MPH winds, and it’s awesome. Actually not really because my fingers feel like they’re frost bit and its painful. But it’s so pretty so I can’t wait for it to snow more! Seattle keeps getting all the snow, move it up here mother nature!

So Blonde Redhead was cancelled last night because the band couldn’t get out of Seattle so I was super bummed about that. Bedouin Soundclash will be here next week though, so I’m looking forward to that show.

Luna pup doesn’t even like the cold, she won’t go outside! She sits down and pins her ears back when we try to get her to go out. You know its cold when your border collie doesn’t want to go outside!

I am looking forward to having the next 4 days off. I’m going to decorate tomorrow and bake some mint brownies. I think Ryan said he and Scott are going to go get a christmas tree! I love to decorate. I’m going to clean up the house and put lights up, it’s going to be fun.

I’ve already got the nails bright red, I think the color is called Dear Santa. It is from one of OPI’s mini holiday sets from last year.

Well, I better get ready for work. And check back next week, I will be launching a new website!

I also have a new portfolio site, but most you looking at my blog seem to be coming from there 🙂

Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe if you’re out and about in the snow!

so busy

New job, internship, freelance gigs, applying for another internship.

My life is insane right now. I am working my butt off and things are starting to pay off!

October has started much better than September did already, with Rusko down at the Showbox. I’ll update with pics and such later, I’m off at 3 and I need a break! Phew!