❄️♥❄️ Santa Claus is coming to town ♥❄️♥

Every year for as long as I’ve been able to write, my dad has always asked us for a wish list for Christmas. I tend to get into the Christmas spirit. I love decorating, putting together holiday themed gifts for people, making treats (more as I’ve gotten older), and one of my favorite parts of my last job as a junior designer was creating winter & holiday themed graphics for a holiday game that was in the company’s app.

I love this time of the year & I dearly miss the snow that used to accompany this season. The Seattle area isn’t known for its snow though so its nice to go to my family’s home on the other side of the state and have a white Christmas.

Anywho, I love putting a wish list together…and I must love Nordstrom because these can all be found on their website.


I’ve been eyeing the Michael Kors Selma bag for months. It took a lot of strength to not buy it – the large was on sale everywhere & it is the one I want. Going to wait until after Christmas. My everyday satchel that I’ve been carrying for over a year is beat up and in need of replacement. I love my Michael Kors tote that is made of the same material.

Hope everyone has had a lovely start to the holiday season. What’s on your wishlist?



It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

After a trip to Ikea last weekend, our townhome is starting to feel a little more put together. We purchased some shelving and book cases so we could de-clutter our counters. It’s starting to look less like a college student’s apartment. With our newly added space, I now have space to make things more festive. I love the Holidays, and I can’t wait to add some more decorations to the house.

For now, I’m dreaming of snow, hot cocoa, and holiday parties.

Christmas Wrap Up

Well yesterday I finally cleaned up my disaster area of a room, the whole apartment was trashed though from the other 2 girls getting back from the holiday too. After running out the door to leave, I luckily checked the mailbox and found this wonderful game waiting for me.

Spirit Tracks

I am not a huge gamer, but the Legend of Zelda series will always be my downfall. The games are classic fantasy adventure & I am always down for a good adventure game. But as far as Spirit Tracks, I’m going to have to wait to play because I need to finish the Phantom Hourglass…still. So I’ve been playing that the past two days.

I’m on an iTunes quest for music at the moment. I’ve been in a music funk for a while, haven’t been able to find anything new that I want to listen to but I’m getting so bored of what I have. I guess I just haven’t snagged a lot of the music that I listen to with Ryan from him yet, and so none of its on my iPod.

Madonna’s Revolver remixes are out and I bought that. I love the Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Remixes, really good beats. Feel It In My Bones – Tiesto featuring Tegan & Sara is another song I found, that I looove. Love Tegan & Sara ever since I saw them open for the Killers on their tour for Hot Fuss. Viva La Vida /Domino Dancing – Pet Shop Boys is a bomb remix of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone to cover this song. And then Carry Out – Timbaland featuring Justin Timberlake has a good beat & good vocals especially from Timberlake.

Albums of the Moment - Dec. 09

Nearly 5 months after the show & this showed up in the mail the day after Christmas. Finally!

Depeche Mode - Live in Seattle 08/10/2009

depeche mode

loved their video treatments for the screen. classic dm.

The disco ball emptied of the gumballs the more they fell down

So with that, the rest of the Christmas goodies.

OPI Mini Reds Set

Presents from Boyfriend-yay playboy whiskey glasses!

LuLu's Jewels-from my mom, a woman she works with made these.

Random Goodies-mostly from Ryan's mom & the gift exchange with his family

Sweater and Leggings

Homemade Candy from Ryan's dad---sooo good

I also got a new camera, woo hoo but the flash is funky on it, so hopefully I can figure that out. Got a new flash drive, or a replacement one for my one I use for print files. The other one was infected with a Trojan Horse. Which was awesome to find that out. And then I got a few other clothing items that have been pictured here, except for the plaid corset-like top my friend got me. It’s cute.

Mini Skirt

I bought this skirt at Macys while doing the after Christmas shopping run. I love it, I don’t have many skirts, but I’m so glad I decided to get it. I love the way it fits on me.

While browsing Nordstrom’s site, I found this Robert Rodriguez Twist Knot Pencil Skirt.

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

I am totally in love with it, but can so not afford it at this point in time. Maybe if I knew whether or not I have a job coming into January I would buy it but it sucks when they tell you you’re not fired we just don’t have any work for you this month. Moving on.

I am so fried, I need to go to bed. I did not feel well at all today, didn’t get out of bed until 3, which is waaay late for me. 11 is normally late for me so 3 PM was just ridiculous. But tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Josh & Alisha are already here, they surprised Ryan but I’d already left before they arrived.

I’m going to start posting my design projects & inspiration & random design ideas; so for today’s project, How to Pick a Pub in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a flash file.

Cheers everyone and have a safe New Year’s Eve/Day—> Remember don’t drink & drive. It’s just not worth the risk.

A Merry Christmas

Christmas was simple, but it was a good Christmas and we have a little snow so we had a White Christmas, woohoo! But what really made my holiday was the surprise arrival of my boyfriend and Luna puppy! Around noon a car pulled in and we had no idea who it was and there he is! He had told me he wasn’t going to make it, but he surprised me and took me to Sherlock Holmes! I was SO HAPPY! It was such a nice surprise and my parents were happy to see him too since we don’t come over a whole lot. 😀

Christmas Eve

I got a new camera, which I was extremely pumped about since mine is all beat up. And got a few other small gifts that I’ll photograph later.

Sherlock Holmes was AMAZING. And Robert Downey Jr was to die for. He was so good and played the character brilliantly. The whole movie was superb. Plot and acting, oh, just brilliant.

Going down to the Irish Pub O’Dourghty’s tonight to have a pint with my friend. More pictures later.

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays. With my family tonight, was with my boyfriends’ family earlier this week, and have spent the past few days with friends, laughing and enjoying life. I could not be more blessed to be surrounded by so many people I love. Cheers, and merry christmas to all and to all a good night.

A Little Baileys

Our Tree & My Brother Playing Twilight Princess

Downtown Display


Weekend Fun

It’s been a busy and fun weekend. I drove to Wenatchee to spend the weekend with Ry and his family. It was the gift exchange weekend so I came for that. We went and bowled the first night which was fun. Then we went to the Roaster because last time we were there I was 20 and couldn’t come in.

Jim & Coke and Chicken Strips

We had a drink and some appetizers (yay happy hour specials!) and then decided to take off and go about our plans.

The Ceiling in the Roaster

We watched Terminator Salvation and Zombieland, then we drove back to Ryan’s parents house. It was a good day, we had fun.

The next day was the gift exchange, lots of fun with his family. Ry got a pimp cup that says Big Daddy (lol), super funny. I got a really nice olive oil/vinegar set and olive garden gift cards. And we got to meet his cousin’s dog, so adorable, it is a Beagle/Shepherd mix. After we left, Josh and Alisha came over to Ryan’s and we had some drinks and watched the Hangover again. LOVE that movie. And then we started Inglorious Basterds and I made it through Chapter 2 which is the best and then passed out.

I decided to stay an extra day and did some Christmas shopping with Ryan. Then in the evening we went and saw Avatar. It was so good, I was really impressed because I had no interest to see it before. The special effects are superb, as they should be, $500 million spent on the damn thing. It was like Dances with Wolves with aliens. It made me want to connect to nature more. It was good.


Got home today and opened a small present from Mama D (Ry’s mom). Was not expecting it at all because the Burberry swimsuit was my early gift for our Hawaii trip. Burberry Swimsuit And it was a bunch of sample goodies which I love! But there was Chanel mascara and perfume. uber yay!

Goody Box

All the Goodies from the Trip. Samples, Scarf & Hat, Tin Box of Candy, all sorts of goodness

Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and I was sad to leave Ryan and Luna but I will be heading back in 5 or 6 days and New Years Eve will be a blast with Josh and Alisha coming over. We have big plans.

Well tonight I’m meeting my girls! and tomorrow is our Christmas party. I will have to take pictures of my Nordstrom stuff I got the other night, but I’ll do it in another post. Cheers.

A Lack of Snow

I made it back to the parents in 5.5 hours yesterday. Record time for this season, especially with having to cross Snoqualmie pass. Snow covered the whole state and then I get here and its pretty much gone, just piles where it was plowed. Hopefully it snows by Christmas, I don’t care what everyone says, snow makes my holiday. But anyway, made the drive, mom made my favorite rice dish with sauce and fried egg with onions. Such a simple dish but it was tasty.

Then we went out and did a little late night holiday shopping. She is too afraid she will pick something out for me that I won’t like. I got two sweaters and a cute coat and a hat, we did a good job with the sales. I found a pair of boots for $35 that I wanted soooo badly, but mom convinced me to wait until after Christmas. Which is good reasoning, but still, I want them.

Light Sweater

Light Sweater

3 Quarter Sleeve Zip Up Sweater

Hat and coat pics will come later.

This morning I stayed in bed until 11 watching Real Housewives of OC. Didn’t want to do much since my parents are remodeling the main bathroom and the plumber was here for 5 hours installing the tub. So I just stayed in bed and laid around before my doctor’s appointment at 2. Glad I went, because I’ve been having pain in my left armpit for months off and on and we figured that out. Then I went and placed an order for new lenses for my glasses. I wear contacts mostly but I put on my glasses to drive the other night and could not see terribly well in them.

Now I’m home, dad made ham and cheese croissant sandwiches.

Croissant Sandwich + Baileys Hot Chocolate

Now I’m just waiting around, going to go downtown at 7:30 and see my darling friend and window shop Nordstrom and get coffee or a drink. I’m thinking a drink at the Rock City Grill. See may not be but I’ve been dying to go out and just have a drink with her just for kicks.

I’m going to start comping up a personal website for my portfolio. Might as well do it now, when I have nothing to do!

Max has gotten tubbier since I last saw him

I’ll get more Hawaii in another post.