Welcome to my blog! This space has evolved over the years, it started in the late 2000s as a way to recap my experiences after moving from Spokane to Bellingham and my college life that ensued there. While I am still recapping experience in the Greater Seattle Area, where I now live & work as a full-time Webย Designer, this blog has come to focus on Travel, Music and Fashion.

I am seaotta to those close to me. A little funky, a little shy, a lot of fun, and with a huge love of sea otters.

My hair color is ever-changing and my shoe collection is ever-growing. I believe a key piece can change the tone of an outfit, especially shoes or a statement necklace. This is the pacific northwest, we’re not generally known for super upscale style, but we’re chic & casual. And I throw in a little bit of funk with the chic & casual to make it my own look. I’m not one to blend in style-wise. Purple hair and an undercut is proof enough of that.

Why is your blog name Une Cherette and not based around your social media account names, seaotta?

Une Cherette:

Any of the many women that Art Nouveau artist Jules Chรฉret depicted as “joyous, elegant and lively” – they were the life of the party, creating a new era for women in Paris.

I am a hopeless romantic and I have this idealistic view of Paris during the Art Nouveau period. I like to believe I would have been une cherette during that time, but I am a cherette of today. I live a joyous life and am blessed beyond words to be able to share my experiences.

Thanks for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. You write very well, and I’ve had the exact same experience with interacting with some of my favorite artists. You say you aren’t an album reviewer, but I found your brief overview of Divergent Spectrum to be the exact amount of information I would have needed to read that and go purchase the album had I not already done so. Keep spreading the dub love.

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